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Thursday, January 04, 2007

"This day is such a very very lucky day for me!" -Gee

Well well well, yesterday, I went back to U.P. to have a meeting with my beloved sis; Rachel... Haha! We're partners! Hay, I never thought we've built a good chemistry!

So there, I thought this first school day of 2007 is a HELL DAY. Yup, it is! I have passed an exam without browsing my notes and I have presented an UNPREPARED report... Rachel and I have suceeded! Haha! I think i should change my phrase, for this day is such a very very lucky day for me!

Hay, I missed my school a heepz! I missed my orgmates! I missed our tambayans. I missed by brods and sisses! I missed the BEACH HOUSE and the SUNKEN GARDEN! I missed my classmates! Aw!

But I'll be missing such stuffs again. I was actually itching to be online 24/7 (hehe) again! I'll miss sleeping early... in the morning (haha) and waking up late... I'll miss going out! I'll miss talking on the phone for hours... I'll miss texting (ows? haha!)... And most specially, I'll miss having bondings with my friends whom I can't see or maybe get in touch everyday...

So there, I'm now facing the reality and it is indeed a "back to school drama" again. Actually, I have an examination tomorrow ( Environmental Science! Arrrrrrrrgghhh!)... Hayyyyy....

Nga pala, there's something new to me. I think I'm in love 'cause I don't wanna be his friend anymore! Haha! I'm not that just sure... Hahahaha ( for sure, he won't able to read this naman ).

Ayun, nga pala ulit... Ang ganda ng moon kanina, so I've decided to give it shot...

As usual, pangit ang kuha ko! Haha... sowee... Per sa sunken garden yan... Well, babala na din... labas kayo and appreciate it's beauty, you won't regret it!

There, byesh!


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