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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Message for Paolo

MARISTEL: I can't really find the exact words for Paolo... If there are a few that I think would clearly say everything to him... It would be, I LOVE YOU... As a virtual housemate, i love you pao... As a virtual friend, i love you pao... As a dear friend, even if i seldom spoke to him, i love you still... There are certain points in my life were I'm caught between two confusing things... I have a lot of online friends because of PBBFG... But, I may have a lot of online friends but those "a lot" are just a few HAND-PICKED ones... Paolo you're one of them that I WILL NEVER, EVER regret meeting online...

Hindi pa man tayp nagkita personally... But I still wish that soon... WE WILL... I don't care that much kung anuman ang sakyan natin, MRT, LRT, JEEP, BUS, TAXI, TRICYCLE or PADYAK... As long as makasama kita - that's all that matters... Kahit na taon man ang lumipas since the last of this ASPBBFG, pa tayo magkita, wala akong care... Basta, yung feeling na nafeel ni Mica eh maFeel ko lang eh, masaya na ako... Iba pa din kasi kapag nakikita mo ang isang kaibigan... That doesn't really matter actually... Kaya lang, kapag itinuring mo ng very special ang isang tao and talagang comfortable ka na sa kanya, lahat ata talaga ng bagay gagawin mo just for him...

Nanghihinayang ako in a way, kasi di ka nakasama sa Big 3 or Final 3... I guess, nasanay lang din ako na for the long time eh lagi ka and lagi kitang kasama virtually... Ang sarap lang ng feeling na kasama ka... Feels like I've won a lot of friends because of you... Parehas naman tayo... Mababaw... Minsan, shushunga-shunga... Minsan, pasaway... Pero, masarap pareho magmahal... Di man halata sa umpisa, pero sa kahuli-hulihan, it shows and mapapafeel talaga natin sa lahat...

Nalungkot ako, when I read na ikaw nga ang evictee, pero wala na akong magagawa about dun... I just wish na nawala ka man here, napasaya ka namin for a while... Kahit bago ka man lang magpakaBUSY sa American Idol... Hehehe! Basta Pao, always keep in mind that ATE MATS, loves you!!! Love you the best dude! love you much kapatid! love you the best bro! If there's one special thing that happened to me virtually, IT'S MEETING YOU... halabshu pao! i'm missing our fun...

GEE: Pao! Well what can I say? Like what you've been always telling here, this is not the end. I know we'll be chatting soon ( and I promise that I'll be active in your AIRPG... charing! I'll try lang... hehe...)...

Kidding aside i really want you to know that I truly appreciate the our chat sessions before the All-star season. I remember, when I was still in season 3, I felt your desire to help me on one of our activity ( the trivia thing...) and it touched me a heepz... You've even invited me to your site... Wow!

So there, I was so happy because I had the chance to bond with you before you left the house. But the supposed to be drama thing, I mean it. That senti moment thread means so much to me...

There, goodluck to your broadway career and AI career. hehe... i know you'll make it! I'll be your biggest fan!

Anyway, again, this is not the end. May I borrow a phrase from you... LATERS!!!! mwaaaaaahuuuuuuugssss!

MICA: Paolo, I want to say congratulations coz you made it this far!

I would like to say Thank You for being there for me especially nung nagumpisa yung game and I had problems with the "real world". I can never forget my "Firsts" with you (hala ano yun? hehehe) - First Starstruck Stage 1 Experience, First Intro sa jologs world (you know what i mean hehe), First mamahaling taxi,
First Midnight Starstruck Chats and First MRT! Yeah! Ngayon naman First RPG hehe I'd try my best to be active there and invite some people

Anyway, I am serious now: Sana makapag-usap tayo soon. Yung as in tayong dalawa lang. May mga bagay-bagay tayong dapat pag-usapan and I know magkakaroon ng time na we can finally
have a chat na face-to-face kasama si Jade Lopez! hehehe I super duper miss you na promise!

Bilang sorpresa, ilalagay ko na dito ang picture natin with Tita Dida taken last May 2004

The Starstruck Collection still have them!

Now I know why one of the ex-pbbfg housemate told me na among the members of the game, ikaw lang ang matatawag niyang "real friend"
at hindi "temporary friend". Ur a guy with a big heart

Remember na I am always here for you to support and love you! Sorry kung meron man akong nagawa. Tnx for appreciating the real me.. After this game balik LGFC tayo hehe

AMERICAN IDOL Watch out for Paolo Miguel MATA! Continue Dreaming, Believing to SURVIVE!! Take Care Paolo! Goodluck! I LOVE YOU!!


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