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Friday, January 05, 2007

Maristel confesses: A bit sad pa din coz Pao didn't make it

Hi BBK!!! I gotta tell po, super sama talaga ng katawan ko ngayon.. I took 2 alaxan fr na ata since kanina pa.. It's not helping actually.. Para lang naman akong lalagnatin, pero "parang" lang naman po.. Para na po palang "MISS UNIVERSE" style ang dating ng BIG 3 ngayon.. Nakakatuwa and nakakaexcited in a way na din..

Pwede po bang 3 HOT GIRLS waiting to be crowned as the Miss HOTTEST or Miss BEAUTIFUL para sa AllStar PBBFG... Miss Universe or Miss Earth Philippines STYLE ang dating...

3 Hot and Gorgeous Women waiting for their title... Nakakatuwa po.. Kasi this time, it's going to be the "GIRL STYLE" for the Big Winner.. Naaalala ko po tuloy yung Season 2, na parang.. "who's it gonna be? Me or Paolo?" But of course, nanaig ang mga kalalakihan and Pao won the title.. Same and exact happened Season 3.. "Gee or Charles?" for the WIN! Well, si Charles naman po ang nanalo as the Big Winner..

Now naman po, it's the GIRLS time to SHINE.. Wala na pong makakadaig nun! Iba na talaga ang mga GIRL POWER eh!

Gee, the UP student, the smart girl the sexy and the Friendly Monalisa Goddess of Pasig - Runner-Up, Season 3 - the sweet, the friendly and the lad famous for unfaithful posing...

Mats, the busy businesswoman, the thoughtful daw (from Gee), the sweetest friend, friendly, and the Soul Sistah of Manila - Runner-Up, Season 2 - the pretty, the hyper queen and famous for Starbucks treat...

Mica, the Chx fanatic, the sweet, the Blogista Princess ng Dagupan - Season famous for MIKENI Loveteam.. The pillow-giver, the Kenneth lover, friend of a friend from Season 1...

A bit sad pa din coz Pao didn't make it.. Happy na din po coz kahit papaano I read some of his answers sa Household Council.. Natuwa din po kasi, for Pao, nangingibabaw pala ang beauty ko nung EB.. Ahehe.. Na-flatter naman po ako nun..

Here po sa Big3.. And how the Big Winner will be called is the most exciting of all.. Coz it doesn't lie on the BIG 3's hands but the JURIES.. For sure nakakatuwa na po ang last week namin here..

So till here po muna BBK..


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