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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gee confesses: This season is a "GIRL-POWER SEASON"

Hi there BBK! I've been busy last night so I never had a chance to tell you some confessions.

First, about the BIG 3, I'm happy that I've gone this far. We deserve it. But I am still sad because Paolo didn't make it. Oh well, I believe he's okay with his position now. I actually thought that he was doing a "suicide thing" and that thought made me realize how forgetful i am for I forgot that he said that he won't quit. Pao truly has a word of honor.

So there, this season is a "GIRL-POWER SEASON"... Ate Mats, the very thoughtful kikay, Mica, the very sweet kikay and Gee, the very SEXY Kikay (Charing! haha)... I hope someone shall suggest a nick for me. haha!

Knowing that there will be juries and the decision shall be on their hands. This is very challenging and exciting...

So there, I guess I have to charge my body battery so that I can be able to a lot enough time for this tomorrow. Bye!


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