All Star PBBFG

Thursday, January 04, 2007


1. Jury must assign: 2 saving points (2 SP) to the VH who deserves the title "All Star PBBFG Big Winner", 2 evicting points (2 EP) to the first runner up and 4 evicting points (4 EP) to the second runner up.
2. VH with lowest net point becomes the Big Winner. VHs with highest and second highest net points become the 2nd runner up and 1st runner up, respectively.
3. Votes made by Top 3 members of the jury (Paolo, Charles and Neil G) will break the tie, if there is any.
4. All votes must be sent to BBK's Friendster.
5. Last Day of voting is on WEDNESDAY.

Final Household Council
* THURSDAY to SATURDAY - Jury gives opening statement and final questions for the Big Three (send opening statement and final questions to BBK's Friendster)
* SUNDAY to MONDAY - Big Three answers the questions and gives final statement
* TUESDAY to WEDNESDAY - Jury gives closing statement (send closing statement to BBK's Friendster)


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