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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Jury's Opening Statements

CHARLES: Congratulations to the Big 3! First of all, I won’t say you deserved the Big 3, because it is so obvious. Second, this opening statement does not cover about the game, but about life itself. We knew each other on a virtual world, but our lives are interconnected on the real world, attached to each other as friends. Third, I want to give some inspirational words, rather than those jolly kinds I’ve shared with the three of you on our YM conversations.

I wanted to share with everybody a quote about having some contributions. I’ve read the following quote above on a book about entitled ‘Changing Your Self’.

“It’s not important how much time you have on Earth, but what you do with the time that matters.”- Dr. Michael Steward Sr.

Time flies easily, but we do matters. It is not what we intended to do, but what have we done. A bee would die in 4 months, after it hatched in its egg, but it had spread the pollens of the flowers, that it laid its feet on during the four months of its life. A paper, before we throw it, serves us to be used in writing; oxygen, when we inhale it, becomes our fuel and end as carbon dioxide. It’s the way of nature, to give something, before it runs out.

Man, on the other hand, as the highest creature that was created, had contributed to his society, but on a larger scale, whether it constructs or destroys. The development from pre-historical society, where man roams around to find food, to a medieval society, where it found its spiritual being, to the modern age, where logic and common sense are vital forces of survival, each period had some unusual that makes the development possible.

In this game, as we go on the last stretch, each virtual housemate must have contributed something, somewhere. It’s the nature of man, to fill missing gaps, to give and receive, to create and destroy.

In the end, we must answer these questions: What have I done inside the house? Did I give everything that I could have? Did I deserve what I get?

KASHEN: Congrats big3! har..proven na tlaga ang gurl power..har..niweiz i mis u na mga sis especially ung confe natin..duh gay thing confe..har..and nagtatampo akho..hindi nyo man lng akho nahitay umuwi ng manila..hmf..nag eb na kayo..grrrrrr...hate u guys..*joke* har.. basta now pa lng na nsa big3 na kayo even ung mapsok lng tyo as a vh ir sa allstar season, we're all winners na in our own way..winner kc may new found friend tyo d buh..dats da best thing naman ir sa vhouse..kya akho im so proud to be vh ir and to be part of this online game..and wala namn all of this kundi dahil kay BIG BAD KUYA..thnx bbK!!

PAOLO: Hi girls! :) Congrats sainyong 3. Deserving kau na maka-pasok sa Big 3. :) Ayoko ng formal masyado kasi hindi bagay saakin. :p So ayun. ang galing nyo naman. Kasi ang layo ng narating nyo. :) Kung nakaboto sana ako. LOLZ! (Joke Mica! :p)

It's been fun knowing you guys and alam ko na nasayahan din kau dahil nakilala nyo ako. Ung iba kasi pumipila pa para maka-usap ako. Hahaha! :p Seryoso na ba gusto nyo? Wag na. Mas masaya kapag hindi seryoso. LOLZ! :p

Masaya ako at naging part ako ng All-Star PBBFG. Nangibabaw nga lang ung mga daily activities ko kaya ndi ako mcyado nag paparticipate sa game, pero masaya naman ako at kaung 3 ang nakapasok. Kau kasing 3 ang closest ko sa respective season nyo (pagbigyan :p). Minsan masaya, minsan may away pero in the end FRIENDS pa din lahat.

Ayun! Good Luck sainyo kung sino man ang manalo. Alam ko na kahit Big Winner, 1st Runner-Up, or 2nd Runner-Up kau eh panalo na din. Excited na ba kau sa 1000? Hahaha! Just Kidding! :p Ako excited sa 1000 kasi un ang first material prize ng PBBFG simula nung Season 1. :p The true prize here is friends and that's what we all got. Life-time Friends that each and every one of us will never forget. :) Good Luck sainyong 3. I love you and Laters! :) :) :)

ANN: hi guys! what can i say about the all star season except that i really missed its fun... there are small voice that says na boring ang game. lagi naman merong comment na ganyan, even in season 3, but in reality, just the idea of different people who are strangers to each other become friends is already a connotation of something exciting and fun!! the PBB fantasy game itself is a breakthrough. thanks to BBK. sino ba hindi naka-experience esp among those who spend their whole day facing their PCs ng lonesomeness? i feel we all do, and PBBFG added some spice in our lives. although, there is one doubt lingering in here. if BBk will stop running the fantasy game, i am afraid that it could mean the end of friendships of everyone who met in this game. but thanks to BBK, hindi talaga sya mapipigilan, nor napapagod :)

NEIL G: Finally, it's down to the FINAL 3. Parang beauty contest nga eh coz of the all-girl fight. hehehe. di naman tlaga cya surprise for me na d 3 of u wil make it coz u all deserve it. may d best "GIRL" win nlng. hehehehe. hehehehe. dapat may picture kayong tatlo na nakatayo wid ur gowns tapos magkahawak ang mga kamay at tatawagin isa2x ang pangalan until one s left on stage wid d crown. ahahaha. of course c bbk ang magtuturnover na nakagown din. joke. ahahaha.

seriously, jst wanna thank d 3 of u for the wonderful experience sa loob ng bahay ni kuya. frst, to gee, my kisses, sa mga kilig moments and kulitan. 2nd, to mats, ang babaeng walang pahinga, sa mga chismisan sa ym naa madalas umaabot hanggang sumikat ang araw. ahahaha. and 3rd, to mica, my little sister, for giving me d name "hot seducer" and for always being der.

congratulations to the 3 of u and gud luck!

TRISH: first of all... na-miss ko tlga itong game na ito kasi ang tagal ko ding hindi na-visit itong site na ito kasi im organizing an event again... pero andito na naman ako not to play the game but to be one of the top 3's jury... which is my co-housemate in season 1, which is MICA.... well, for me ok naman ang naging result ng top 3 kasi atleast 1 of each season ang nakapasok... atleast walang masasabi ang ibang taga season 1-3.... well, may the BEST GIRL win!!!!

Sana lang paki isang tabi na talaga yung "ALLIANCE" ngayon kasi hindi sya magandang gawin at this point.... and para maging FAIR naman ang result para sa isa't-isa... Sana kahit papaano eh wala ng ,aging "DAYAAN"! and sana dun sa mga MANANALO at MATATALO eh tanggapin na lang nila kung ano ang magiging decision/s ng mga jury....

GoodLuck to each and everyone! Sagutin nyo sana ng maluwag sa damdamin nyo ang aking mga tanong para na inyo....

Thanks to all of you! And more power!


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