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Monday, January 08, 2007

Big 3's answers to BBK's questions and their final statements

Maristel's Answers

1. Anu-(ano) ang (mga) updates ng two co-Big 3 ang hindi nyo na(gu)gustuhan (nakakasawang basahin) at bakit? You must give at least one.
Kung meron man pong UPDATES ang two co-BIG-3 ko di ko nagustuhan at panigurado po na yun din ang kanilang masasabi o obserbasyon... Yun po ay ang aming paulit-ulit na pagsasambit na "Nomination na naman ulit at pahirap na naman ng pahirap..." "Kung pwede lamang na wag ng bumoto, bakit hindi, ngunit, di pwede, dahil Rules are Rules..."

Kung patungkol man po sa DIARY thread maari pong ang mga larawan BBK, napansin ko po kasi na kaming naiwan as BIG-3 ang may mga maraming larawan sa aming kanya-kanyang thread... Kung marami o naparami man po ang mga larawan ko sa aking thread, na-Insipire lamang po ako kay Mica... KAPAYAPAAN!

2. How will the jury vote? Give your predictions and speculations." = Sino ang iboboto nino?
The JURY will vote according to who they feel closest more... Like for instance: NEIL G. and TRISH = for sure that will be a SAVING POINT for MICA...

Same as with CHARLES and KASHEN and ANN (but I know they will be fair for this... This isn't playing safe...) but since they're from SEASON 3, they'll save GEE

PAOLO will either save ME or MICA or KASHEN will SAVE ME... (i don't know)

*** But for some matters I know NEUTRAL ANG MAGIGING VOTES ng JURY...

3. Given a chance na makapag-plot (work against) BBK as gameplan, ano ang gagawin mo? why?
I dunno if I'm capable of PLOTTING AGAINST BBK as a GAMEPLAN, really... I was never a STRATEGIST myself... But, given a chance, I guess the least I can do is be an active ear and I'll just inform BBK about it... It's just that, kapag gumaan na ang loob ko sa isang tao, kahit ano pa plan ng iba against this person, di ko naman mahahandle and macocontrol ang sarili ko but to be real honest... Basta alam kong TAMA kahit IKASAMA ko pa... I won't give a darn...

4. Nakapag-plot (work against BBK as gameplan and/or personal attack) ka (na) ba sa game? Ano iyon at bakit?

I don't see it as PLOTTING really... But if there's one coincidence or insight that happened here sa ALL-STAR na pwedeng sabihin plotting was about the Message Relay Activity... Were we were asked to quote a certain Virtual Housemate and that person should notify BBK that it is him / her that I quoted... We were on a Voice Conference that night and I was like "Gee, ang next ko na ikokowt, si BBK" and Gee was like, "O sige, sige!" And then I suddenly asked Gee, na baka naririnig kami ni BBK, pero tuloy tuloy pa din kami... Hanggang sa nagtype si BBK ng message na naririnig niya nga kami and WARNING daw kaming dalawa na bawal na kami magVOCIE kapag may conference.. Pwede VOICE pero type pa din namin sasabihin namin... That was just for FUN and I will never ever do that, even Gee... Akala lang ni BBK, we're implying something but we're not...
Attached is the link of GEE & MATS conFUNsights Sentiments Thread...
*** For the record, that isn't plotting as a game plan or as a personal attack... I myself posted there and made that thread to write down sentiments...

I know that I am never capable of doing as such... And never will I do that... Never, especially to someone or somebody like BBK - the one who introduced me here at the Virtual World...

Maristel's Final Statement

For over a hundred days of spending one of the most and one of the worst - and times that stuffs are shaky, intense and uncomfortable... In some little ways still thought that a few things and issues maybe paradoxical... Some unorthodox... But that didn't develop abohorrence in my heart... Still in some way, I came to a point that I asked myself, "WHAT IF, THEY DON'T LIKE ME?"”What if hindi nila ako feel?” I even caught myself weighing things... Why being true to yourself can lead you into so many things?

Honestly speaking, I didn't know that the ALL-STAR already begun... For some reason I should thank and acknowledge Trish and Gee for sending me a few Friendster messages telling me that the game hasalready started.

To my fellow Virtual Housemates, the ASVHS we shall sail onwards to a better and more promising situation, with love and patience, perseverance and guidance all throughout life's journey onto the cyberworld or virtual world; of milk and honey, while staying grateful as ever to BBK (BigBadKuya), co-Season Housemates who have kept us going, like all the friends we've met along this travel... Those we've cherished through sweet and bitter times, we carry these memories... All of these people (Ann, Benj, Charles, Gee, Ian, Jomar, Kashen, Kenneth, Marge, Mica, Neil-G., Paolo, Rommel and Trish), every single experience, LOVE, HATE and RECONCILIATION kept in our hearts, so SPECIAL and so TRUE... Our lives has just begun to unravel so slowly like a distant star which has been offered to us - a gift for us to look up to and enjoy the beauty and mystery of what lies beyond - what we know so little of here.. I bid not farewell, but GOODLUCK and GODSPEED, to the longer, more fruitful voyages miles ahead of us...

For as long as there will be PBBFG, I say that ALL-STAR Edition will stand as a:

BOUQUET All-Star Edition is a paradox of personalities, renaging from the meek to the Lion-hearted. Like a bouquet of flowers, ASVHS never fail to surprise everyone with what we have to offer. Tha characteristic aura we'll left behind will never wilt and fade with the passing time.

EAGLE for we've always believed that GOD will crown our efforts with success. The cream of the crop, this bunch of unique and special individuals are endowed with the depth of perception of a penchant and mellowed with love... Like the eagle's wings, ASVHS have flown to greater heights where we will reach our destiny, yet, will still dream as one.

TREE, because like the tree of life, our presence was immediately felt in the Virtual House as that which fuels laughter and bonding... ASVHS were always appreciated for our different forte. Indeed, no one can stop us from trekking our various paths and living up to our common ideals.

TORCH were warmth, love and wisdom emanates from these creative special Season. Each little spark in us fuels the bigger torch which not lights only our path but others as well. Like its unending flame, we've touched countless hearts and souls with our enduring and enormous capacity to love.

The friendships built here will never come to an end... Rather, it will be just our BEGINNING... A FRESH START for everyone... To those who got involved and continued reading our day-to-day updates, we're just coming through into existence... And it just won't end here... Coz beautiful things never end... As my last days in the Virtual House draw to a close and draw nearer there's no reason to come apart and unraveling will never flow... I'll just simply say, “AS WE GO ONE, WE'LL REMEMBER... ALL THE TIMES WE ARE TOGETHER... AND AS OUR LIVES CHANGE, Come whatever... WE WILL STILL BE FRIENDS FOREVER... For Keeps... Indeed...”

Mica's Answers

1. Anu-(ano) ang (mga) updates ng two co-Big 3 ang hindi nyo na(gu)gustuhan (nakakasawang basahin) at bakit? You must give at least one.
I guess the "eviction na naman" and "random work/school-related updates". I do admit na nacocommit ko din ito pero yun naman talaga nangyayari sa aming mga buhay buhay eh. Maybe isa rin sa nakakasama yung pics namin.. ngayon ko lang na-realize na kaming 3 pala mga adik sa pagpopost ng pics dito!

2. How will the jury vote? Give your predictions and speculations.
The three girls (Trish, Kashen and Ann) will surely vote for the person who chose them. The three boys might as well vote for their season mates.

3. Given a chance na makapag-plot (work against) BBK as gameplan, ano ang gagawin mo? why?
Honestly BBK I never thought of this even once kaya hindi ko masasagot ang tanong na ito.

4. Nakapag-plot (work against BBK as gameplan and/or personal attack) ka (na) ba sa game? Ano iyon at bakit? Wala naman BBK.. wala akong maalala

Mica's Final Statement

My stay inside the virtual house can be compared to a rollercoaster ride - exciting, fun, scary, intense, electrifying, horrifying and fulfilling

My journey inside the virtual house is about to end and I can't help but feel emotional..

Honestly, I am not really that interested on joining the All Star Game, but Trish texted me asking me to register. I was a busy girl last semester and I was scared I might not comply with the activities given by BBK, but out of boredom, I just did register

Being picked as one of the ASPBBFG comeback player made me feel excited. I did look forward to reuniting with my co-vhms back in season 1 (trish, neilg, trish and jomar), reauniting with a good friend (paolo miguel) and meeting some of the most interesting people i saw in the 2nd 3rd season blog (Ian and Gee). I also looked forward to meeting the rest.

May "kapaan" this season. I had to undergo major adjustment since we never had a forum built back in our season. Friendster is our ownly means of communicating. I had to be oriented with the use of the different rooms and I never thought that there was a daily conference between the housemates and BBK. This season required us to go online almost everyday or else you'd get lost.

The first weeks had been emotional for me. There were fights here and there, but I am happy coz I felt the love and support of my real friends. The game also served as my "escape to the real world" especially during the times when I was feeling down, and I had no one to turn to except my co-vhms. I did test my ability and creativity in the activities, been challenged with the battles and had fun during the riot chats. I got the chance to also share my sentiments about the game and real life stuff.

Getting into the place where I am not was not easy-it never was! Every nomination period made me feel unsafe, but I guess I am also lucky to get this far. Whoever wins in this game truly deserves it. I don't regret anything. I may have some misunderstanding with the others, but we ended up as good friends pa rin. I am fortunate enough to get to know the following: The Workaholic Thoughtful Girl (ATE MARISTEL), The SMART and SEXY soon-to-be LIBRARIAN (GEE), The Upcoming AMERICAN IDOL who will make the Noypis Proud (Paolo Miguel, The Rockstar Historian (Charles), The Hot Seducer-slash-Yael of Spongecola clone (Neil G), The ever cutie anime lookalike(KASHEN), The soon-to-be-Engineer from Gapo (Rommel) The ever-kikay-slash-stand up comedian (Marge), The Computer Geek na aking "SLAVE"(Kenneth), The Irresistable Koreano dude who is about to leave the country again (IAN), The Kikay Adviser (Trish), The Smark Kid (JOMAR), The Working Girl (Ann) and the Medical Student/Blogger(Benj).

BBK, Thanks for giving me another chance to prove my worth as an individual. Sana umabot pa ang game hanggang Season 100! hehe Goodluck and Godbless!

Gee's Answers

1. Anu-(ano) ang (mga) updates ng two co-Big 3 ang hindi nyo na(gu)gustuhan (nakakasawang basahin) at bakit? You must give at least one.
~ Yung mga paulit-ulit! Hahaha... Ako rin naman ganoon... Another thing is yung mga mga hindi direct to the point at playing safe na entries...Sa real life nmn, yung paulit-ulit din... Minsan kasi di ko na nababasa ung ibang entries kasi sobrang haba... Let there be peace on earth...

2. How will the jury vote? Give your predictions and speculations.
I think the three girls shall save the one who chose them... While the other boys shall do fair judgements... ***** ito na ang direct to the point na prediction... same parin sa girls...

sa boys... Pao will save ate mats
Charles will save ate mats
Neil-G will save Mica... there,,,,,,,,

3. Given a chance na makapag-plot (work against) BBK as gameplan, ano ang gagawin mo? why?
Hmmm,,, game related? Ibabalik ko si Benj! haha... ( as if namang gusto pa niya... aw!)...

4. Nakapag-plot (work against BBK as gameplan and/or personal attack) ka (na) ba sa game? Ano iyon at bakit?
Hmmmm.... personal attack? haha... Kasama ba doon ang walang humpay kong paghahanap sa inyong nakaka-intrigang litrato? hehehe... iyon na po siguro!

Gee did not submit her final statement


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