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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

50 Firsts

Make a list of your 50 firsts (movie, subject you failed, bf/gf, kiss, underwear, blue jeans etc.) Do not include "firsts and onlys".

1. first scary experience: when i ate merengue.. *lol*
2. first movie seen: robocop (yucks!)
3. first carnival ride: carousel
4. first kiss from a stranger or someone outside our clan: Andrew E.
5. first crush: paulino de leon (hehe! seatmate ko! )
6. first bf: Patrick (last name i can't remember.. )
7. first underwear: so-en stuffs *lol*
8. first fave subject: writing! *lol*
9. first cellphone: Nokia 3210
10. first brand of cigarette: Dunhill
11. first sabak sa catering: UST and nose bleed na experience!
12. first drink na nalasing ng sobra: Slammers
13. first gimmick: Reasons, Annapolis, GH
14. first branded backpack: UCB
15. first subject that i failed: Humanities (college! *lol*)
16. first friend online: PBBFG Season VHs (PaJeMaReMa)
17. first real kiss: Angelo *lol* (yikes!) *lol*
18. first blue jeans: freego (from my makunat dad) *lol*
19. first fave local actress: jennifer sevilla *lol*
20. first fave local actor: romnick sarmenta *lol* (baliw na ako)
21. first most hate local actress: sheryl cruz
22. first fave na brand of clothing: petit monde
23. first textmate: zidane
24. first chatmate: chris
25. first branded shoes: nike & reebok (high-cut, sabay talaga yan dumating sa akin)
26. first shoes: sabi ng mom ko yung, charol daw.. (di ko din alam kung ano tawag eh..)
27. first family business: elly's buyer used clothing
28. first brand of sanitary napkin: always
29. first soap: ivory and maxam (nyay! *lol*)
30. first guy friend: F (that's his name) Ef.. *lol*
31. first celebrity seen in flesh: mannilyn reynes
32. first movie seen in a movie house: lock up ni sylvester stallone
33. first fave song: buttercup and squareroom
34. first love: sheen *lol*
35. first place where i threw up after my first gimmick: sound stage sa may sta. lucia mall
36. first brand of pc: compaq
37. first flip-flops: havaianas
38. first wedding attended "flower girl": tita luz and tito cesar
39. first wedding attended as "bridesmaid": tito rommel & tita cecille
40. first naiyak mode ako na chat sa ALL-STAR: yung sa amin ni BBK, about Trish, Neil TG and a few asvhs..
41. first major confrontation sa ym: with Mica, regarding why we voted her out
42. first activity online that i like: GKNB pbbfg style nung season 2
43. first hagikgikan moments online: nung kumanta si Charles ng nakapagtataka and maging sino ka man, via YM
44. first na natutunan iluto: tinolang manok
45. first movie na kinilig ako and umiyak: reality bites
46. first outing na walang kasama na kamag anak: may 2005 (ata.. not sure)
47. first starbucks: sa rockwell..
48. first cd owned: spice girls
49. first game i joined in: PBBFG
50. first EB: December 28, 2006 with CHARLES, MARGE, MICA and GEE...

GEE's 50 Firsts:
1* FIRST CRUSH ~ Mark Anthony Fernandez
2* FIRST WATCHED CONCERT~ The Moffatts live in Manila, '98! Yeabah!
3* FIRST BOYFRIEND~ Benny ( errrrr...)
5* FIRST SERIOUS AMBITION~ to be a doctor
6* FIRST SILLY AMBITION~ to be a professional wrestler ( seriously!)
7*F IRST VIRTUAL BOYFRIEND~ a boy named SAM ( na 10 years old lang pala, akala ko magkasing age kami, I was 16 then)
8* FIRST KISS~ my bf nung 3rd year ako ( hulaan nio kung sino doon! haha)
10* FIRST CD ~ NOW 4
11* FIRST GIMMIK~ 16 yrs. old ako, somewhere sa libis
13* FIRST FAVE SONG~ Glory of Love (until know!)
14* FIRST NAMED PEER~ The Lollipop Girls (LPG! ) hahahahha
17* FIRST SUITOR ~ a bot named CRISANTO ( prep pa lang ako nyan!~ haha)
18* FIRST CELPHONE~ 5110. 10k pa un noon! hahaha...
19* FIRST TEXTMATE~ Yung principal ko noong elementary... haha!
21* FIRST LANDLINE: 6466632
24* FIRST SONG TO SING IN FRONT OF MANY PEOPLE: Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal ( errrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!)
25* FIRST MODERN SONG TO DANCE IN FRONT OF MANY PEOPLE~ Everybody by the Backstreetboys. Yeah!!!
26* FIRST DANCE ON PROMENADE: Moonlight Over Paris ( Si KIM!!! First crush ko nung HS! hahaha!)
27*FIRST ARTICLE TO BE PUBLISHED ON A SCHOOL PAPER~ "Sana'y Bigyan ng Pansin" ( about school delinquency... ahha!)
28*FIRST WINNING PIECE~ "Sana'y wala ng wakas" by Sharon Cuneta! Waaaaaaah!
29* FIRST HUNTED LOCAL ARTIST ~ Christian Bautista
30* FIRST FAVE CARTOON SERIES ~ Sarah, ang munting Princesa
32* FIRST MOVIE TO ( na naiyak ako! waaah! di na ako makapagisip ! haha)~ Titanic
33*FIRST MUSIC VIDEO( na naiyak din ako) ~ Viva Forever by Spice Girls
36* FIRST UNO SUBJECT~ Theology 102... hahaha!
37* FIRST SINGKO SUBJECT~ P.E. Weight Training ( buti na lang, hindi nailalagay sa transcirpt ang singkong p.e. Hahaha!)...
38* FIRST ORG~ U.P Future Library and Information Professionals of the Philippines
38* FIRST Memorable Organization~ Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Southern Tagalog Region
39* FIRST ACHIEVEMENT~ Class Valedictorian ( Prep ako! haha)
40* FIRST AUDITION PIECE~ You don't have to say you love me
42* FIRST VH TO TALKED TO ( tama ba grammar ko! bangag na ako! haha)~ Ate Ann
43* FIRST CRUSH on PBBFG ~ Macky
44* FIRST LOVETEAM~ GEENELLE ( kiligness!)
46* FIRST EB W/ A VH~ Jinelle
47* FIRST VH TO TALKED ON THE PHONE ( tama ba ulit? hahaha!)~ Ate Jenjen
49* FIRST MOVE I'VE REGRET DOING ( tama ba ulit? edit ko na lang bukas... ahha)~ voting out kashen ( s3)
50* FIRST GROUP EB~ Dec. 28, 2006...Greenhills, w/ Charles, Marge, Mica and Ate Mats

Paolo's 50 Firsts:
1.) First Favorite Singer- Britney Spears! until now!
2.) First Favorite Food- Fried Chicken! until now!
3.) First Pirated CD- Britney Spears na DVD un wala kasing original nun.
4.) First Brother- Nico :x
5.) First Sister- Sofia
6.) First Airplane ride- Going to Cebu
7.) First Long-drive- Manila to Lipa Batangas
8.) First car- a purple Colt
9.) First friend on Myspace- Tom the owner of myspace
10.) First girlfriend- Jessica
11.) First favorite color- Blue
12.) First restaurant in the states- Sizzler
13.) First fast food sa states- In'N'Out Burger
14.) First different state- Nevada
15.) First State i've been on- California
16.) First pictorial- when I was 2 years old
17.) First american Idol Finalist that I met- Ace Young
18.) First Starstruck na nakilala ko- Jade Lopez
19.) First SCQ na nakilala ko - Michelle Madrigal
20.) First Vh na nakausap ko- Ate Jenjen
21.) First na pinaka favorite na American Idol - Jasmine Trias
22.) First VH na narinig ko ang voice- Ate jenjen
23.) First site na hinandle ko-
24.) First VH na pinasali ko sa site ko- Gee
25.) First email address-
26.) First song na kinanta ko sa harapan ng maraming tao - "Lead Me Lord" by Gary V.
27.) First concert- Everlasting Light: Christmas concert
28.) First concert na american idol na pinuntahan ko- Jasmine Trias sa Araneta
29.) First Virtual Game- PBBFG2
30.) First CD- Now 4 pareho kami ni Gee
31.) First movie na umiyak ako- Aquamarine HAHAHA!
32.) First VH na nakita ko - Mica
33.) First crush na artista- Donna Cruz!
34.) First embarassing moment- naihi ako sa pantalon ko sa school nung grade 1 ata hahaha!
35.) First bestfriend- my cousin Borgy
36.) First high school- Saint Mary's College
37.) First College- Mount SAC
38.) First school in the states- Mission High
39.) First friend sa states- Yvan
40.) First person I met sa states- Tita Mylene
41.) First pencil- magic pencil na kulay blue
42.) First Cellphone unit- 3210 EEEWWW!
43.) First song na kinanta ko sa Karaoke- "This Is The Moment" by Erik Santos. haha!
44.) First subject na Aplus ako- Civics/Econ
45.) First forum na sinalihan ko- PBBFG forum
46.) First underwear- ung may cartoons hahaha!
47.) First alcoholic drink- San Miguel. yak!! :X
48.) First dance contest song- Bright Lights by Billy Crawford
49.) First food I ate- Gerber :X
50.) First Screen Name sa AIM- SuttonPierce2

Mica's 50 Firts:
1. First Username : micaela.rodriguez (sa mailcity haha)
2. First Website surfed:
3. First Crush: Jomari Yllana
4. First CD: Spice Girls - Spice
5. First Favorite TV Show: That's Entertainment haha
6. First Song Sang in a contest (Solo): "That don't impress me much" by shania twain
7. First ASPBBFG seen: Paolo Miguel
8. First YG: Posh Spice Lovers Club
9. First Cellphone: Nokia 3210
10. First Favorite Loveteam : Romnick-Sheryl (blame my nanny haha)
11. First Gift given to father: A personalized card
12. First Gift given to mother: A personalized card again!
13. First Favorite International Singer: Madonna
14. First Favorite Local Singer: Viktoria Agbayani
15. First teleserye: Mara Clara (nyek!)
16. First Fans Day: Bojo-Mylene sa Cristy Per Minute (bata pa lang haha)
17. First Pex Thread created: Jade Lopez Thread
18. First Starstruck Textmate: Mark Herras
19. First KTXT Subscription: Chx Alcala
20 First Fanatext Subscription: Jade Lopez
21. First Local Celebrity Site created: Cogie Domingo Pogi Points! haha (search niyo sa google)
22. First Message Board joined:
23. First Virtual Crush: Bjay Pascual (hehe)
24. First PBBFG1 Crush: Jake/Jacob
25. First Embarrasing Moment: Pinalo ako ng teacher ko nung Grade 1
26. First Favorite Madonna Song: Like a Virgin
27. First Poem memorized: Tree by Kilmer
28. First Book Finished: Florante at Laura
29. First PDA Scholar seen: Iya Ginez
30. First Favorite Starstruck 1 Finalist: Jade Lopez
31. First Favorite Starstruck 2 Finalist: Chris Martin
33. First Favorite Starstruck 3 Finalist: Iwa Moto
34. First Favorite Starstruck 4 Finalist: Jewel M.
35. First Favorite SCQ Star: Joross Gamboa
36. First Favorite Blog: Ala-ism
37. First EB : Pbbfg1 GEB
38. First Heartbreak: Nung highschool
39. First Online Bestfriend: Gelo
40. First Friendster Friend: Gabriel Pavico
41. First High School Crush: Jadson Navarro (cute niya that time hehe)
42. First English song translated to tagalog: Lady Marmalade to Babaeng Inumin
43. First Definition of Love: Love is Blind haha
44. First Yaya: Lorna
45. First MySpace friend: Gabriel Pavico pa rin!
46. First Organization: Spectrum
47. First Column: Tripnotic with FX Mislang
48. First Teen Magazine: Candy with Cogie Domingo on the cover!
49. First Favorite Boyband: 911
50. First Favorite Popstar: Britney Spears


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