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Friday, December 29, 2006

Results of the 7th Nomination

"Music Museum": +2 For Maristel. This vote is sacrificial. I know this won’t cause her any harm and I definitely believe that she won’t be out because of this. She’s safe that’s why I’m voting her. Anyway, I discern that she’ll make it. Congratulations!

-2 For Charles. I don’t think that he is just lucky if ever he’ll be in Big 4. He also deserves it. His inactivity on certain periods might pull him down but his interest of the game is his advantage. All the remaining ASVHs ought to have it… But still, I’m giving him my saving points for he is in danger. On to the Big Four!

+4 For Mica. Again, this is purely strategical. I hope she’ll understand we all deserve it but there are only four slots left. I appreciate her striving efforts so much but I believe something is lacking. Well, I know she’s half expecting it already. I’m very sorry!

"Abercrombie": +4 evicting points to Charles. No negative and no personal reason. I think from the VH's left excluding me he is the least active. I want to vote for myself but I can't so he is the one I chose to vote.

My +2 evicting point goes to Maristel. I really don't want to do this but I know that she will not say goodbye. She is a great VH and a great friend. This vote means nothing negative too.

I'll give my -2 saving points to Gee. She is a nice friend and this is the first time I am saving her. I think she deserves to be in the Big 4. As I told myself if I can vote for myself on evicting points, I will.

"EPISTAXIS ATTACK": I am giving my +4 pts Evicting Points to MICA. I know we're all deserving to stay inside the Virtual House, kaya lang 4 lang po talaga ang BIG 4. Nakasama naman na siya sa BIG 5 eh, so pwede na siguro yun. Di ko naman sinabi na I want her to be evicted here sa game, kaya lang wala naman na akong choice eh..

I am giving my +2 pts Evicting Points to GEE. This is sacrificial, I'm left with no choice. Safe naman na siya eh and I know that. Kaya sa kanya ko bigay ang 2 points na ito. And BINIBINYAGAN ko din siya dahil di pa siya naiVote kahit kailan! Peace!

I am giving my -2 pts. Saving Points to PAOLO. I can give my saving points to anybody here actually. I just thought of him. Yun lang. Basta, sana lang do his best pa.

"CASSANDRA": + 4 points to evict Charles. Among the remaining virtual housemates, siya yung least na nakakausap ko. Medyo mas lamang din yung mga natitira when it comes to cintribution dito sa game. Strategy na rin siguro ito. I have a feeling someone will vote him out as well.

+ 2 points for Maristel. I'm having a hard time who to really choose for this part! We are ok naman ngayon pero mas gusto ko mas masave yung dalawa pa. She constantly voted me out so i'll do it as well Mas close na rin kami nung isa pang vhm na natitira.

2 points to save PAOLO. I know some will vote him out. I'd rather have him stay inside the house. This guy is so dear to me so im offering the two saving points to Paolo. He's a good friend to all of us.

*CHARLES aka "Enteng Kabisote": I really appreciate her pursuance of the eye-ball, but this vote goes for strategical reasons. I give my +4 evicting votes for the last nomination to MICA. Of all the VH that had remained, she is the least closest to me.

**A good person to talk to and a good friend, but sacrifices must be made. I give my +2 evicting votes to Paolo Miguel. I hope this vote won’t get you out of the game.

This time, my votes goes to ATE MATS to be saved. She rightly deserves to be in the big 4 of the all star season. She’s always been active. She is an excellent player. And she's a good friend.

*Ballot is invalidated. Justification for 2 evicting-point vote is less than 3 sentences. **The second sentence is a statement declaring his vote. Charles gets 4 evicting points.


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