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Monday, December 25, 2006

Results of the 6th Nomination

"Calvin Klein": My +4 evicting points goes to Neil G. I think he is really struggling in the game. He said that the game is really strict. I agree with him a little bit though.

My +2 evicting points goes to Charles. He is a good friend and I really think that we should talk more. I like him but to all the others that are left except Neil G, I seldom talk to him. I think we need to have more conversations.

My -2 saving points goes to Maristel. Definitely a friend and always has a great personality. I love her being true to herself and being vocal about things. She will go far in life.

"PEREZ Hilton": I choose to save Maristel. Since the beginning of the game, she’s always been active. She is an excellent player. I want to save her a couple of times earlier but I guess other vhs need my saving points more. Well, this is the moment!

I choose to give my +2 to Paolo… Sorry bro, but this is nothing personal. You’re one of the least active asvh this week. I hope this vote won’t let you out because honestly, I still want you to stay… I just hope this vote from me shall wake you up. Peace!

I choose to give my +4 to Neil-G. This is just to help him out because it seems that this game bores him a lot. So there, you won’t waste your precious time anymore (if ever)… And besides, with his inactivity last week, I think it will be unfair if he’ll be in BIG4. Sorry!

"Missy Elliot": 4 points to evict Charles. Sorry dude but I don't feel your existence in the game. Bihira ka din magupdate ng confession and diary thread mo. Again, you won a season na rin so i guess ok lang na you give the rest a chance as well

2 points to evict Maristel. Nobody voted her out of the game before and it doesn't really matter if she leaves the game or not. Bininyagan ko lang hehe . We had a misunderstanding recently so i guess that's it though i think we are ok na

2 points to save NEIL G. Siya ang isa sa most trusted ko dito sa game. Wala pa rin din siyang nakakabangga sa game. He's a cool guy with a good heart

"Super Noypi": First of all, I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! Second, BBK, I want to use my immunity Third, my votes are:

I am giving my +4 votes to NielG. I've counted the number of times that we talked, and I think he is the least I've communicated with. I hope that this does not count against me. I hope he will understand

I am giving my +2 votes to Paolo Miguel. He is a good person to talk to, he is a good friend. But he already won his own season, so I think it is too much if he wins the All Star season. I hope he understands.

I am giving my saving point to Gee. She rightly deserves to be included in the All Star Big Four. I hope this point saves her.

"TERIYAKI MOMENTS": im voting out CHARLES W/ 4 PTS. hndi ko tlaga cya naging close sa season na to. lately lng cya naging active. wala cyang something na masasabi kong nacontribute tlaga nya sa vhouse.

im voting out PAOLO W/ 2 PTS. sa mga natira, cya lng cguro ang di ko na nkausap ng matagal na. ok naman personality nya kaya lng di talga kami naging close. first tym ko cyang binoto kasi wala ng ibang pagpipilian. sa list ko, cya ang nasa bottom 2.

im saving MICA W/ 2 PTS. she deserves to stay. grabeh ang struggle and effort nya para manatili sa bahay. nkikita ko rin determination nya. and sobrang frendly. nakakatawa kausap. she's a frend. she deserves to be a winner.

*MARISTEL aka "Can't Bring Myself To Light The Fuse":

I just can't actually dig what is behind all the things inside the house - I don't know but I think this person's being narrow-minded in a way, at least not close-minded. But what I can't dig is that there has been some issues that's becoming a bit mandatory for her. So I'm giving Mica my + 4 Evicting Points

I don't know but for some reason I want this person to clear things up inside the Virtual House. There were a lot of hanging phrases that this person has stated and I want it to be clarified in a way. I am actually, thinking that in some points he must carry the words he left unanswered. he has been silent for a couple of weeks and so please, I want to hear from him. That's why
I'm giving Neil my + 2 Evicting Points

I know this person has proven things to me. He may be invisible in a way, but he manages to make me feel that I am loved, trusted and respected. I'm glad hearing from him again. And by these, I am giving Paolo my - 2 Saving Points

*Ballot is invalidated for using a codename with more than 20 characters. Maristel gets 4 evicting points.

CHARLES used his immunity


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