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Saturday, December 02, 2006

"Nabubuhay ng ulit ang Rockstar Spirit ko!" -Maristel

Actually nuthin' much about MY so called LIFE! I'm pretty much pre-occupied with different stuffs right now.. I'm busy with RPG (role-playing games) .. Though I've been doings (as in mixing) all types lately.. More of MULTI-TASKING.. Busy with work.. Busy with role-playing.. Busy with my pets.. Busy-ness all the way..

Actually, masyado na yata ako nagdiDivulge sa ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA.. I may not be in love right now.. Pero with my new found Online friends like Belle and the likes.. Nabubuhay ng ulit ang Rockstar Spirit ko! Pati ang Super ROCKSTAR IDOLS ko which are TOBY RAND & STORM LARGE ay part na naman ng buhay ko.. I've been reading a lot of Fictions din sa site ni Belle about a lotta stuffs.. Mushy-ness and all..

I read this Fic.. The Beautiful Letdown.. And I caught myself all in tears from the story.. That was Kim's fic.. She's just 15 yearsd old and yet her thoughts and imaginations were so vivid, brief, concise and wild... To think at her age she could write a nice story.. That even brought me into tears plus the lyrics of the song Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley that she included on the FIC.. I burst into tears on that part.. I was also excited on every Chapter that I finished reading..

Anyway, i'll share this..

Jeff Buckley


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