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Friday, December 29, 2006

Mica confesses: You can really find true friendship online

(Beware of a super duper EMO RANDOM entry)

Finally after a number of attempts in the past months, natuloy na rin ang pinaka-aasam na Eyebol !

We had our Grand Eyeball yesterday here at Greenhills. Naka-attend sina Gee, Mats, Charles, Marge and even Jomar! (earlier kami ni Gee).

Honestly, gusto ko gumawa ng super duper mahabang entry about this one.. Gusto ko as in detailed kong mailalagay dito lahat ng kaganapan kahapon pero hindi ko yun magagawa kung nanginginig ako dito sa sobrang lamig. Paguwi ko na lang sa January 2 ako maguupdate na as in detailed

Pero can i post my realizations yesterday?

** You can really find true friendship online. Distance is NOT really a hindrance in a relationship (friendship man o kung ano man yan) as long as you constantly communicate with each other and open sa lahat ng bagay, you guys can hit it off kahit first meeting pa lang.

** Taking pictures inside the Female Comfort Room can really be fun too especially if you're with individuals na game na game sa lahat. Ok lang maging lukaret sometimes

** Having a virtual friend accompany you and your bestfriend from Dagupan to stroll around the Greenhills tiangge (no, not JOLIBI) will make you feel happy. Having an online sister bond with your little brother and watch you as you rape your brother can be comforting. and having your kikay sissy chat with ur serious grandfather about UP Diliman stuff can make you smile

** Being with a future professor/historian/rockstar is awesome especially when he's singing spongecola songs and being accompanied by two leading ladies

** Having an intimate talk with someone you had a misunderstanding can really be a memorable one especially when she gives you advices about your lovelife, appreciates your pagiging ka-chxter and analyze what is the story behind every Spongecola song

** The one you constantly voted out (which led into FE) can be the craziest and the most hyper among the vhms

** Cousins of VHMS can be good photographers too

** The youngest among the group doesn't mean that he is the smallest. He is more better to hangout with in real life

** Sipping coffee with the housemates = RIOT hahaha

** You have this unexplainable feeling when you actually see a real PBB Housemate from the tv show when you are with the virtual housemates

** You can't really avoid missing the other housemates who can't make it

** Virtual Loveteams can be more "kakilig" when you see them together live and take a stolen shot while they are walking in the street.

** I can be a good tourguide of annapolis street telling the tourist where Nida Blanca was murdered, where the beauty queen jumped from the 27th floor and where the chop chop lady was chopped

** Pillows with porky something is cute

** Knowing that this game is gonna end soon makes me feel EMOTIONAL


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