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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mica confesses: I have an idea na who are they and i even confronted one of them last night

The Results of the 5th Nomination are out but still hindi ko matantsa sino ang lalabas. Maraming nakaipon ng evicting points ngayon pero marami din saving points.

I was surprised when some voted for me haha I have an idea na who are they and i even confronted one of them last night because she's also online. Syempre, nagulat lang kasi ako na ako ang iboboto niya so medyo nagtampo ako sa kanya pero ok na ngayon

How come parang absent sina Paolo at ate Mats these days? I hope they are doing good.

I can say na delikado si Neil G ngayon. Aminado rin ako na I will feel really bad if ever he gets out of the game but at the same time I am thankful.

Not many of the players know na Neil G is one of my "least" closest friend back in our season. We never got the chance to chat via ym, we rarely have a sms exchange and so on.. I think he even voted me off way back haha This season I got the chance to know him more and i love reading his "confessions" na talaga naman hot and spicy hehe He did cheer me up din nung bagyo and he we constantly comfort each other by giving advises and forwarding funny quotes. I hope to meet him soon with Angel.. Aagawin ko si angel haha

Anywayz, I'll be going to Manila by 22nd. I hope na magkaroon pa rin ng EB at sana this time matuloy na Masayang magkaroon ng gift exchange atbp. Sana makasama lahat kaso imposible rin yun.. Sana makasama ka BBK pero imposible din yun hehe


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