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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mica confesses: Her reason for voting me off confused me nung nilabas ang results

I wasn't able to go online yesterday and I am actually happy na tambak ang messages ngayon hehe Namiss ko rin yung katulad dati na kapag hindi ka makapag-ol ng isang araw pagcheck mo ang dami na agad posts.. Sana magtuloy-tuloy pa ito

Honestly, I was not expecting that she'll be booted out from the game. Gee and I were actually thinking na one of the boys ang matatanggal but then the Kashen ang natanggal due to violations (na karamihan na nagpatanggal din sa iba). I'm not really mad at her when she chose to vote me out.. hindi naman nakapasok like the first time eh hehe I just hope na she'd continue texting me because i love chatting with her when it comes to love stuff haha

I'm happy for the news relayed by Gee about Paolo. Gosh, I miss Paolo! Too bad hindi ko siya naaabutan online. I am happy with his achievements right now. Matagal ko nang alam na he loves performing and yes, he's a good singer! I wish him the best sa school, life and career!

I am actually sad when I read the latest confession of Ate Mats.

I am the type of person who would text everyone in my phonebook and bombared them with text messages no matter how sweet or annoying it is. I constantly text the remaining vhms and even the evicted once. Ate Mats and I are constant textmates eversince. I am actually wondering why suddenly wala na akong narereceive sa kanya. Hindi ko rin nareceive yung text nya asking what's happening na in the house. Eh di sana nagreply ako.

Ewan ko kung itong misunderstanding namin started with the council or what. Akala ko ok and clear ang lahat kasi nung magkatext kami that week, hindi namin napaguusapan yun and she said din naman sa past confessions niya na wala na yung issue about the vh of the week sa kanya because its not really a big deal and her reason for voting me off confused me nung nilabas ang results. I mean, i thought we were ok.. i thought wala na yun sa kanya kasi wala na yun for me after she stated her side.. If she thinks I'm acting weird lately, why not ask me if what's wrong or what? we used to talk about the issues we had. Yes, Ako yung nagtext ng "Hi LiveJournal" because I was hoping she will reply back. Si Gee yung kinonfront ko that night and ok na lahat sa akin because she explained her side and we moved on and talked about kikay stuff and pda like we used to. I was hoping Ate Mats will reply back but she never did. I constantly bombarded her globe phone with quotes and she used to reply back asap. I asked Gee what's wrong, she told me ate Mats is busy with her work and i do understand that. Nabigla lang talaga ako with what I read today. Ayokong lumaki itong gap na ito because honestly this one makes me feel sad and once again, confused. She can text or call me anytime. Hindi naman siguro kailangan na dito pa sa confession magkaliwanagan. Maybe I'll text her again tonight or maybe I'll call her up.. i dunno.. i just want this thing to be clear na. I am looking forward to meeting the other vhms na based sa Manila at ayoko na if ever magkita-kita kami awkward kami.

That's all for now .. I hope magkaroon ng closure itong issue na ito.. I still love Ate Mats siguro nagkataon lang na i am sick, she's busy naman kaya we are reacting this way the past few days.

I'm packing my stuff na coz I'll be in Manila again!


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