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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mica blogs: SUPER NOYPI!!!

I am lucky coz I was able to attend the Premiere Night of the movie "Super Noypi", an official entry at the MMFF.

Here are random points from the movie and the premiere night

* As expected, the Premiere Night was attended by different Fan Groups: From Jen's Fans, Johnatics, Parkers, Topaks, Kramies, Katrinians and a lot more!

* I can say one of the worst premiere night because the movie was supposed to start by 7:30pm but the stars arrived at... 9:45pm!!!

* I salute Quark Henares for a job well done! Parang panghollywood talaga ang effects niya. Galing ng NoyPi!

* I love the Costumes especially ANYSS.

* I love the twist! I advice everyone who will watch this film to stay until the end of the credits :)

* This is not your typical pinoy action movie. Eto na ang dabest!!!

* They have a good website at and they do have regular chat sessions with the stars since the site opened last October.

* Good Soundtrack. Urbandub, ChicoSci, Sandwich and more!

* Heard the themesong 1000x kasi 5:30pm nasa Megamall na ako. Halos memorize ko na lyrics haha :)

Guess what? may Super Noypi part 2! :)


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