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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mica blogs: PDA Blah Blah Blah
music: Hilot -JAYR Siaboc

* Yeng Constantino is the Grand Winner of Pinoy Dream Academy. I think everybody knows she'll win the title hehe :) I'm not a big fan of hers but she deserves to win anyway. She can sing any genre of music, she can write her own songs and she has that masa appeal. I heard that she got her free phone from ABS CBN Interactive yesterday and she's pretty excited coz according to her, she never had her own cellphone :) I love seeing her with RJ haha

* Jay-R Siaboc, the bizrocker from Cebu bagged the first runner up place. He and her girlfriend Iya Ginez has ah huge fanbase from abroad (Check out their PEX Thread.. I'm also a part of the IYACHOYS haha). I'm just sad because I have a feeling that the PDA staff will advise JayR to stay away from Iya (Like what they did to the controversial SAM-CHX tandem of PBB Season 1). I hope history won't repeat itself this time. Went out with Iya weeks ago (When Joan was expelled from the Academy) yeah she may not be the typical pa-tweetums girl pero she has a good hard and we know how hard she campaigned for JayR up to here in Pangasinan!

* Ronnie Liang The Balladeer is my crush haha :) Just found out na he was supposed to be one of the final PPS Contenders but then they found out that he has an existing contract. Oh well I think this guy will go far. Who knows he might follow the footsteps of Christian Bautista and I picture him as one of the Leading Men of Anne Curtis and Kristine Hermosa. Wala lang haha

* Honestly, I was disappointed when Panky Trinidad was booted out. She's a total performer and I love seeing her onstage! Full of energy, Full of life! I voted for her pa nga kaso sayang talaga.. I hope she gets a good manager and eventually have an album out. I think she's far more better that Frenchie Dee (I'm sick of Belters haha) or even Philippine Idol's Mau Marcelo. Please Plase ABS Give her a break!

* Irish Fullerton is my least favorite among the top six. Maybe it's because of her attitude way back and maybe wala lang talaga siyang appeal sa akin. I love her performance with Panky and Yeng though pero I hate it when she sings tagalog songs.. Wala lang ulit haha.. Nga pala may parang scandal din siya pero wala lang haha basta

* Chad Peralta is the man! haha :) He's lucky na he was able to be included in the Top 20 and he deserves it naman :) This guy is not only a performer, but also a good leader. He did a great job as the Class President :) The good thing about this guy is that he can easily get away with any songs because he has the ATTITUDE when he's onstage and yes, he's hot hot hot!!!

That's all for now.. Will post my sentiments on the other expelled scholars soon! :)


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