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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mica blogs: Mga Tanong
music: London Bridge - Fergie
From Remcyl of

If you could ask someone to make love with you, who would that be?

Naughty Question huh? :D Lemme think… Pwede ba na yung 3 sexiest men ko na lang? I think it would be Justin Timberlake, Gian Magdangal and Zanjoe Marudo.

Among your friends, who stabs you infront recently?

Let’s just put it this way. I have this friend (is she a real friend btw?) who makes up stories that caused a misunderstanding with another friend. I never thought she’d do that to me because I never had a fight with her or whatsoever. Up to this day, I am clueless on why she made up these stories. When she’s around, she acts as if she’s an innocent angel but she’s not. What’s her purpose? Is she really trying to help us out or is this devil wants to destroy something? Hmmm. Beware of sweet-looking girls!

Madame Auring or Mystica?

Hahaha kay Mystica na lang.. ayoko ng Archie at ng Sinigang

If you are one of the seven deadly sins, what would you be?

Lust? Haha. Don’t want to reason out. My mom reads my blog!

Willy Wonka or Shrek?

Pwede PowerPuff Girls na lang? Haha

From s0ulsearcher

1. anung pangalan mong tunay?
- Micaela Fransesca T. Rodriguez
2. ilang taon ka na?
- 19
3. baket tayo friends sa lj?
- dahil kay kamikezo at kay AP haha
4. heart over mind or mind over heart? why?
- mind over heart.. la lang.. haha
5. anung christmas wish mo? yung pinak malupeet ah

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