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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mica blogs: Lolo's Advice Part II
music: Waterfalls- TLC

“Lolo hindi naman ako masyadong nagmamadali eh.. I mean.. oo. I just want to step out of this school right away” I reasoned out.

“Why were you teary-eyed when you entered my office this afternoon?” He asked.

I won’t elaborate further what really happened.

“There’s this one thing that I’ve been telling you: Choose your friends! Pareho kayo ng Papa mo. Masyado kayong madaling magtiwala. Kapag may lalapit sa inyo na kesyo kelangan ko ng ganito ganyan ganyan, kayo bigay naman kayo agad, pero kung kayo ang mangailangan, nasaan sila?”

“I am not saying na huwag kang makipag-kaibigan sa ibang tao, but you have to be careful. Admit it or not , I can feel na some people wants to put you down- You have two cellular phones, a digital camera, you have connections and you have the talent and the looks. Naiinggit sila sayo and one factor to put someone down is to say negative things na ginagawa na nga nila sayo. Chismis? May dagdag bawas na yan.”

He drank a glass of water then:

“You’ve been broke for a few weeks now. I warned you not to spend too much on your friends. Ngayon na wala kang pangtreat sa kanila, did they even offered you a drink?”

“When they needed a camera to take pictures, they needed some utensils, they needed money, they needed pasaloads and when they needed someone to talk to you were there. Now that you’re feeling down where were they? God, you got thinner!”

“Among the few friends of yours that I do really appreciate are M, L, K, R, G, and A.

“I never thought it would end up this bad!”

“Anak, rest. Matulog ka ng maaga. You’ve been stressed for the past few days because of that bullshit. Try to rest. Don’t watch TV. Stop Texting. Just Sleep”

I did follow his advice and woke up with a smile on my face :)


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