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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mica blogs: Happy Birthday to my camera-hungry friend!
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music: On a night like this-Kylie Minogue

Among my male friends, Jaypee is my one and only college buddy that Ate Virgie loves “at first sight” pa lang. why? Jaypee looked like the Teen Version of her eldest Son, Benedict. She constantly asks me how he is, when is he going back, if he’s my classmate by this hour blah blah blah :P

I consider Jaypee as one of my closest buds in the College of Information Technology. He’s graduating this semester but I’m older than him. Promil Kid eh haha :D

He turned 19 years old last Sunday, which turned out to be Benedict’s 12th birthday! What a coincidence noh? I’m teasing them na they’re meant for each other :D

After the ECSSA Basketball Tournament Opening Program, we went to their “Condo-Condohan” (where the Senior students are staying for their thesis kuno) and ate Pancit Palabok for dinner. We also had some salad and kakanin. I took some pictures as my gift for him J

Ok, I’m giving him Free Promotion na din haha Please visit where you can read some Philippine Creepy stories and his super nakakatakot images haha and where I’ve been the member of the week for months: D

Once Again, Belated Happy Birthday Jaypee! :)


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