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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mica blogs: Books Before Boys

BBB. Books Before Boys.

I often see this tag in my autograph book back in elementary and high school and I guess I took this acronym seriously :P

Last week, I browsed through my Friends List on Friendster and saw some surprising updates from some of my classmates and playmates way back.

4 of them are official mothers

2 of them got married at 19

2 of them are official daddies

I do admit that there are times wherein I'm asking questions to myself why I never had a serious boyfriend. Last week, I had a little chat with an online buddy (or should I say, sister? u know who you are! haha) and we were talking about boys and I shared something about my super stupidity way back haha :)

I can say that I am a bit shy (up to now), but when I'm onstage, I have this feeling na parang I am the sexiest woman alive :p I just dance like it's my last dance ever, sing as if I am Beyonce Knowles and dress up like a Spice Girl.

The wildest thing I've ever done to a guy way back is dirty dancing lang. Wild na yun haha :)

A lot of people are actually surprised when they found out I never had my "boo" , pero I am proud of it. There are days na napapaisip ka "Ano kaya ang feeling?"

I often ask myself " Bakit wala pa rin akong bf?"

* I never prioritize boys even when I was in High School. I spent most of my time rehearsing, studying (?), writing and internet.
* I lack courage to tell someone what I really feel
* I fell in love only once in high school and that person is not into the "love thing" anyway.
* I have my standards (height, characteristics, attitude etc.)
* My social life is the internet and school only.
* I rarely go out coz I'm lazy
* Carlo is my priority
* Most of my prospects are... Bisexuals haha :D

Went back to our ancestral home yesterday and my sexy cousin is now a mom. God, she used to have that sexy body and a lot of guys admired her. sayang. she's fat right now.. she said i'm lucky so i better use my brain above my heart.. not my heart above my brain or my tralala hahaha :D

Am I ready to get a relationship?? I dunno... But then I hope someday, somehow I'll meet the guy who would love not only me, but also my family :)


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