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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mica blogs: Bakekang Randomization
music: Ewan-Imago

Ayoko na kay Bakekang. Nagiging masama na siya. Mayabang na siya!

Lovi Poe must undergo rigid acting workshop. It's unbelievable that "Krystal" is more talented than "Lorraine", portrayed by Nadine Samonte.

I'm loving Yasmien Kurdi more. I can't imagine any other kapuso youngstars who can portray the role of Charming except her. Awesome!

Please add my name in the Sheryl Cruz Fans Club. It's my first time to see her in a villain role and she's super duper Maldita! Love some of her quotable-quotes too! :D

Come on, give Cogie Domingo more exposure!! Sayang siya. How I wish Sunshine-Cogie na lang ulit besides he can portray mature roles na (Remember Kung Mawawala Ka?)

Thumbs up to Sunshine Dizon! Not a surprise na. She proved her worth as an actress in the past and she never fails to make me cry in some dramatic scenes.

* Congratulations to the Cast, Staff and Crew of Bakekang! Job Well Done!


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