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Friday, December 22, 2006

Messages for Kashen

Aw! I'm all alone na sa room natin sis... Nagulat talaga ako na ikaw yung evictee sis... Super unexpected talaga siya... Hay,,, how sad naman...

Anyway, I want you to know na I'm so happy kasi nagkasama ulit tayo this season... You've been voted off early sa season natin and we only had few bondings then... And somehow, gusto ko talagang makabawi sayo sa ginawa ko noon ( hehe...). And I hope it hapenned... Hehe..

You know what, you're one of the unforgettable VHs this season. Why? Sino bang makakalimot sa prettiest VH ever? Xempre, you're one of the KIKAYS noh... hehe... Doon sa girl na nagpakilig sa lahat kasi super sweet niyang ka-loveteam? Doon sa super tapang na girl na hindi nagpapatalo and nakikipaglaban talaga?And doon sa girl na may itinatago ding " sense of humor"? Hay, I'll miss all of that sis...

Thanx for everything sis... Sa pag-share natin ng room, sa pag-open up mo sa kin ng lovelife mo minsan, sa hindi pag-amin kung sino c LIPGLOSS, sa pagbigay mo sa akin ng 4 na lipgloss as your gift sa activity natin and sa lahat ng chat sessions natin... Every session is worth remembering...

Ayun, take care ah! And I wish hindi dito nagtatapos ang lahat... Sana magkita and mag-bonding tayo in real life... I believe it's fun spending time with you sis... Hehe...

There... Basta, if ever you'll be needing my help, I'm always here... Ingats!

"Goodbye my friend! It's not the end".... - Spice Girls

PAOLO: Byebye Kashen I know its not the end of our conversation and friendship. Meron naman cellphone at YM dba? I really enjoyed our loveteam and of course your company. Meron lang ako pinanghihinayangan alam mo na kung ano un at alam na siguro ng lahat. Ingat ka lng lagi ha? Goodluck sainyo ni Paolo

MICA: Hey there Kashen! I hope patuloy pa rin ang texting at chatting natin.. don't worry im not mad or what haha nweiz, concentrate on your studies ha gudluck din sa lovelife keep in touch! hanapan moko boylet sa benilde hahaha joke take care!

MARISTEL: Oh well.. One of the SADDEST and UNEXPECTED evictee here sa house.. I say, you have a life of feline or cat.. 9 lives ba? Paano ba naman.. Ilang beses ng muntik-muntikanang maEvict, but still left STANDING STILL.. I've admired that sis.. SUPER.. Plus how can i forget a girl na super fighter and will fight for her friends.. You're such a doll.. Kahit na, a lot hate you before, di nagbago tingin ko syo.. We might have some issues about the IP thing before sa site.. But still, our friendship and sisterhood didn't end there.. We all proved the VIRTUAL WORLD how we value and treasure what we had.. I'm happy na someone signed me up here at ALLSTAR coz i got the chance to know a sweet and loving girl like you..

You've always been transparent.. alam ng tao kapag galit ka or bad trip ka.. alam ng tao kapag inlove ka, or not.. i will surely, certainly and def miss yah sis.. if there were a few who understands me here, my issues, my life.. IT'S ALWAYS BEEN YOU.. you're like a baby sis to me.. natutuwa ako na, after you being evicted and you still texted me sa smart sim ko the other morning, na ako nalulungkot - ikaw naman fine lang.. i'm pretty glad na din, coz u never forget a thing.. natutuwa ako, how u checked on me.. na u know na di pa ko natutulog and the likes.. i am SUPER TOUCHED by that.. checking up on me without the "game" itself but because u just want to..

that's how friendship is.. in or out, still.. we connect.. i'll surely miss you sis kash here sa Virtual House.. you may not be here anymore, but just like BBK, i know you're out there somewhere, watching and still, will continue being a part of our lives and someone ele's..

About you and paolo.. i once said, i'm wishing you and him a luck.. but seems like, it turned the other way around.. okay lang yun sis.. at least nalaman mo na.. the earlier the better.. don't worry, as long as you have friends around you, you'll never be lost.. marami pa pwede magmahal sayo.. yung TAPAT, TOTOO.. ganun lang yun..

hope you and PAO (siopao) will continue being friends.. i'll miss you sis! basta, you know naman na I'M GONNA BE AROUND for YOU.. i love yah sis.. goodLuck sa lahat.. u have a lot to give and experience.. u have a lot to face and experience.. the best that you can do is LEARN FROM ALL THOSE and BE YOURSELF coz being YOURSELF will make others like, love and adore you.. never ever pretend.. *winks* i know, what you are before and right now eh yung THE REAL YOU.. basta keep moving on, be yourself & FLY AWAY! SOAR HIGH sis..

i'll miss yOu.. MwahHugZz..


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