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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Maristel confesses: I just think that some of the questions were below the belt

BBK, good day po.. Last 28 was one of the BESTest DAY in my entire life. Meeting some of my hand-picked virtual friends.. I was just a bit terrified fro the twists of this game..

I just totally hate SARCASM, BBK.. I totally respect the ideas and the opinions of other persons.. Lahat na ng salita pinakinggan ko.. Lahat ng tanong sinagot ko.. Lahat ng naguguluhan, pinaliliwanagan ko.. I was once an oridinary virtual housemate inside the virtual house..

Yeah, nawala si Charles whom I considered one of my trusted friends here sa game. I'm quite happy coz, eventhough he didn't win or made it through the finals, naging jury naman po siya. Same goes with Neil G.. He may not win or make it sa Finals or Big 4, I'm glad coz HE IS THE FIRST member of the JURY..

I once remembered that he said hate niya ang questions that you have given.. I have to admit, some of it were true.. Sarcastic masyado ang naging question niyo.. But I never really took it personal.. This is just a game.. But what shocked me right now was Neil's question po.. The fill in the blanks one..

This is just a simple vision of a virtual housemate who continues fighting for the game! I totally respect everyone.. Kayo po BBK.. Si Neil G., Si Charles and the others who will become a member of the Jury.. I just think that some of the questions were below the belt.. There's no problem answering it.. I'm not saying di ko sasagutan ang mga tanong.. It's just that, HINDI NGA NAGPAPAKAPLASTIK ang tao tapos answering those would most likely drive me doing some kapalastikan here..

Mas nalungkot.. na DISAPPOINT lang po ako sa mga tanong na binabato sa amin ngayon.. I'd say, I'LL ANSWER IT, but I dunno where it'll leave me.. I dunno who's gonna leave next.. I dunno if I deserve to stay.. If I stay, thanks! If not, THANKS STILL..

Kung pangarapin ko man na manalo sa virtual game na 'to, it's not for the money.. It's for the title itself.

** Mahirap lang pong gawin sa ngayon ang nakita ko sa council.. I do hope u totally understand my side BBK..

Maristel gets 2 EP for commenting on the questions given by Neil G, an ex-VH


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