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Friday, December 22, 2006

Maristel confesses: I don't want to make things a BIG ISSUE here..

*Sigh* Wow! BBk, do we really have to make stuffs & issues here like a blast? do we have to make it sensational? i just wanna know po.. kasi, i don't actually see issues here as "ordinary" or the "usual" stuffs.. for me po, parang each virtual housemate should broadcast everything "out in the public".. for me po kasi, there are things & issues that i would rather discuss with someone in private.. once it's over and done, then, THERE! we'll both speak up.. there are a few din po na medyo nakakasama na ng loob, most likely..

Let's just say, some people were born sensitives.. some aren't.. some born to be straight forward and some aren't.. like in this game BBK.. i know we all have to be VOCAL, straight-forward, and be more of having a heart that can absorb everything.. i can be vocal in a way.. i can be straight-forward in some way.. i can also absorb things may it be positive or not.. but sometimes, you'll caught yourself standing in the middle of a crowd and just can't breathe and looking for some fellas that you know will be there for you.. honestly po, minsan, parang nakakadismaya na yung mga nababasa ko sa confession threads..

I myself don't want to make things and see things as a biggie.. i've never seen it that way.. NEVER!!! and will never be.. now, i guess i have to be more careful and take a few minutes to scan it over and over para lang malaman ko if i'm saying OFF things against my fellow VHs.. i know for a fact na, may masabi man po ako or mabitawang salita dito, i know those were all based on how i see the others play the game and how i observed stuffs here.. as much as possible i don't want to hurt someone or somebody.. THAT AIN'T ME..

I just wanna clear some things though.. i was like reading mica's latest confessions.. i guess, di na ako dapat pang magulat.. i never hated anyone here, bbk.. kahit minsan po, medyo off na or sometimes harsh okay lang po sa akin.. i'm not saying i'm hating or despising someone or somebody here.. ang akin lang po, i've said my side.. i've said my piece last night at my confessional.. THAT'S IT.. i just want to elaborate a few things:

* I do bombard a lot of people too via text.. i forward mushy quotes, green jokes, inpirational, trivias and surveys too.. yun pong pinagtataka ni mica na "wondering siya why suddenly wala na siyang narereceive na message from me, has something to do with with my "groups" sa phonebook.. i do admit that i do seldom forward text messages lately.. and i do hope po, na it won't be one of the grounds for each and everyone here to interrogate me and announce to the public na, parang "nakakapanibago"and "nakakapagtaka" for such.. i want to clear po bbk, na having a business like mine is never that easy actually.. di ko sinasabi na pinapabayaan ko na ang game.. i also read from mica's confession before the one i read tonight na "absent daw po ata ako and pao" - yeah! I MAY.. sa YM nga lang po.. but i do update everyone the BEST THAT I CAN.. as much as possible i'm making it a LOTTA SENSE din.. i don't want to talk nonsense stuff here.. i remember, season 2, when you (bbk) asked me about the business I'm doing.. that why not talk about my stuffs and how we do our business.. who are the persons i meet and how i deal with them.. that's exactly what i'm doing both at my Confessional and Diary thread.. di ko naman sinasabi na dapat may matutunan na maganda from me.. rather, the least that i can do is share my stuffs to everyone..

* Second po.. about mica, stating na "she doesn't know how things started.. it might be some sort of misunderstanding from the council".. i can't quite remember a few stuffs from the prior Household Council we had.. ako po kasi, "kung tanungin ako, sasagot ako" that's it.. no "why's" or "what's" or whatever.. frankly, di ko din po alam kung ano yung tinutukoy niya sa Household Council.. if the issue regarding being the VH of the Week if being brought up here.. So be it.. okay lang naman po sa akin.. i know, and lahat po sinasabi na WE'RE ALL NOT AFTER THE TITLE as BIG WINNER here.. rather gaining friends.. that's merely the REASON why i'm here.. i just can't understand po her point why she'd brought up the VH of the Week issue over and over again.. I've become one.. She became one.. and now it's Gee.. SPORT lang po dapat sa game na ito.. ako naman po, as long as i comply with the rules, nagagawa ang activities sa Virtual House, masaya na ako.. i don't want to make things a BIG ISSUE here..

* About me being LIVEJOURNAL, as how she addressed me on her text.. fine lang po BBK.. malakas nga po siguro sya makiramdam.. but, here in this game, i believe every virtual housemate has every rights to do what we ought to do.. ayaw ko naman pong sabihin na, "sorry" coz i know what people would probably think anyways.. di po ako plastik and i don't want to become one.. yes bbk.. i know that mica & i are OK.. but, kung di man po ako nakapag reply sa text nya sa akin, doesn't mean na kailangan ng manibago ang isang tao sa akin.. i have a world of my own.. a world that i've been building for years.. and i don't want to just throw it away, "just like that" - as far as i can recall, the time that i received her text.. sobrang dami ng nangyayari sa event ko.. the fashion show just started and i have to act as the DIRECTOR.. cguro naman po, dapat pagtuunan ko din naman ng kahit ng konting pansin yun.. kung di ko man po sya naReplyan, it doesn't mean na, "dapat manibago na siya sa akin" .. IT'S NOT THAT.. ayaw ko na bigyan ng kulay yun.. especially, NOT IN HERE..

Whatever it is, game related lang po yung gusto ko na iPost ko and iUpdate ko here..

* And one thing.. di ko po, maintindihan, why we have to explain things for voting someone.. kaya naman po siguro may reasons dun.. kung mica confronted gee about it, and the reason why mica texted me and addressed me as LIVEJOURNAL may be her way of confronting me, might as well call me by my name.. MATS, TING or how you wanna call me.. uhmm.. and yeah, i can call or text mica anytime.. here po bbk, i'm gonna lay down my cards now.. kung may ifoforward man po ako ng messages, lahat yun, nasa DRAFTS ko na, together with the names of the person am gonna send it.. laman po ng inbox ko 609 not to mention the sent items na 999 and the folders.. sasabog na po.. sobrang bagal na po ng cellphone ko and as much as possible di ko na po masyado binibitbit or hawak.. kung magforward man po ako, sneaky lang, kapag nabakante ng ilang minuto sa field or work, dukot sa bag, open my drafts and choose the message that i wanna send.. di ko po alam na parang big deal ang text..

Buti na lang din po pala at nabanggit ko kay Gee na busy ako sa work and all, dahil kung hindi baka naMisinterpret na naman po ako why I wasn't replying and all.. *sighs*

Am gonna cut that crap now.. one confession that actually shocked me was paolo's.. were he mentioned na may "kinaiinisan" po siya na VH.. i am actually clueless.. but it clearly stated there, na ka-close niya po yung VH na yun.. so, much better po to spill it out, so di po nakakapuzzle.. ang hirap lang po kasi, who he's pointing out.. is it me? gee? mica? charles? i am certainly & def clueless..

Ayun po bbk.. i'm glad po na naRestore ko na ang pc kho.. ngayon po, medyo mas ok na.. yun nga lang po, i've lost a lot of stuffs.. meron na po ulit ako YM and now, di na MAGIGING ABSENT.. and never was I.. kasi, kahit gaano man ako kaBusy.. I do update my threads pa din.. and never will i get tired of doing it..

Nakatext ko nga po si Neil nung isang umaga.. di pa ko natutulog nun.. wala pa ding tulog.. naMiss ko lang po sya.. si pao po, nandun po ako mostly before masira pc ko sa site nya.. nakakatuwa po sya.. pero, medyo na puzzle ako sa confession nya ngayon..


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