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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Maristel confesses: I do understand her po.. it's just but natural to react..

Heto na naman.. The TURNING POINT OF THE GAME.. In some ways I've been having troubles on who and who not to vote.. Well.. We were asked for CODENAMES - I guess for reason na, hindi malaman "who you voted and voted for you"... I've respected that rule BBK, eversince.. Kaya lang po, minsan nakakagulat lang na isang araw in the middle of tensions and blames sa work mo eh may marereceive kang message from a fellow VH.. Sa akin po okay lang yun.. It's not that biggie naman po.. I know naman na it hurts to be voted off.. I would feel the same din naman.. And I know that! I am not INSENSITIVE.. We're all but HUMANS here..

I just remember, Monday.. December 18.. I was like having these weird thoughts playing inside my head.. I really don't know what it was and where it came from.. Some weird thoughts.. That was I think around 7pm or 8pm... So I decided to text Charles, Gee, Kashen and Mica.. I was like "anu ng balita sa Virtuah House?" So from that message, wala pong reply.. So I was thinking, baka po wala pang results sa nominations or di pa narerelease yung nominations itself.. After several minutes.. I decided to text them again (Charles, Gee, Kashen & Mica) so there it is.. After a few minutes, Gee acknowledged my text.. So ako naman po, laking pasasalamat ko, kasi at least one of them managed to text me back.. We exchanged messages for a couple of times.. Hanggang sa kinailangan na naman ako sa event ko and i texted Gee po, na "I'd give her a call na lang" So ayun po..

I felt like crying.. Thinking na I got this message, saying "HI LIVEJOURNAL" - I never really thought po BBK na it would be such a biggie.. Yes po, I may have said some things from the ballot I made for the nominations.. I can't say that everybody or everyone inside this Virtual House may not or may commit a mistake.. I myself can't say I did not or I did! But I do believe BBK, that we all have minds here and decide for things.. I remember po before, someone would joke around "save mo ko" things like that.. Okay lang po sa akin.. I'd rather take it as an advantage kasi, may nagsasabi sa akin and lumalapit to tell me that.. Kahit pabiro man po, I know right inside my heart what I have to do..

Before po BBK, si Sis Gee.. kung umani lang po siguro sya ng madaming Evicting points sya ang lagi kong iseSave.. Kaya lang po hindi pa eh.. Pero darating din yun.. Si Paolo po, I'd say I saved him several times.. because I wanted him to stay.. Si Charles po, I thought last Monday when I called Gee, akala ko si Charles ang mavoVote out.. I was like.. "WHY CHARLES?!?!?!" Para po tuloy kung anu-ano ang naiisip ko.. Honestly... I would count our ENDLESS VOICE CHAT and LAUGHTERS one of the reason why I wanna break down and cry.. Kahit po kasi taga-ibang season si Charles.. I felt TRUTH.. HONESTY in him.. He's like a BROTHER to ME.. He's MORE THAN A FRIEND and when a person that I've considered a family is leaving.. IBA NA PO ANG NAGIGING IMPACT SA AKIN..

Just the same po as I checked the boards today.. Alam ko po na sira yung isang computer ko.. Nagmakaawa na ako sa kapatid ko maipahiram lang sa akin tong, antigong laptop para lang makita ko revery *friendly* persona ng Nominations natin.. Actually, I felt bad seeing that it was another close pal of mine ang natanggal.. Si Kashen po BBK.. We've shared a lot of things BBK.. I could say all in one time.. Nagkaroon na po kami ng misunderstandings before, pero naayos po namin lahat in just a period of time and not days.. If there's one I feel closest the first few weeks inside this Virtual House, it was Kashen po.. Sa akin naman po kasi BBK, nabuwag man po yung loveteam nila ni Pao, wala na po sa akin yun.. Maari pong, "it may be some issue" but the thing is.. everything that's happening here are just between the computer and the players playing behind every characters.. and it's US.. Virtual Housemates.. I've got no reason to vote Kashen out just because of lame LOVE ISSUE between her and Pao... I would never ever do that.. Akala ko po.. As time goes by.. From what I read sa mga Confessions ng fellow VHs ko, alam ko po, na at ease na po ang lahat sa isa't isa.. Hindi pa po pala.. Madami pa din po palang hang ups.. So many questions left unanswered.. Things better left unsaid..

I'm happy po, na last night, I texted or forwarded a message to Neil G... He replied po.. Natutuwa po ako, na for such a person like him.. nakita ko po sa kanya, na he does treat this game something... He gave this game a respect.. But then he never questioned the other VHs why they voted for him.. Si Neil po.. he's such a doll.. Sobrang naMiss ko po sya.. I swear.. Lalo na po ngayon na wala po akong YM sa computer na gamit ko.. Mamimiss ko ang lahat...

I hear din po from Gee that PAOLO will be doing some Broadway stuffs.. I'm happy for him po BBK.. Although, despite my busy and hectic time, I still managed to find time to text him.. Di na nga po sa Smart Roaming nya ako nagtetext.. Sa International # na nya.. No reply po, okay lang po,, busy po sya sa school plus nag Xmas Concert pa po sila.. I just wish him well.. I know naman po na from the start.. He has this potential for something na he really loves doing!

I got this message din po from Mica.. Just like what happened before.. I can't remember if that was the 2nd Nomination or what po, BBK.. Pero, I do understand her po.. it's just but natural to react.. Hindi ko lang po alam, na mag aassume pala kami dapat on who voted for us or not.. Or i guess, wrong timing din po when I received her message.. Dahil po, nagkaproblema po ako sa event ko.. Para lang naman po akong natigilan when I got her message.. So am a bit expecting na medyo ballistic na naman po ang magiging usapan.. Like before..

Basta po, I never changed a bit.. Yun lang po ang alam ko.. Miss ko na kayo, BBK..


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