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Friday, December 22, 2006

Maristel blogs: A Not So Merry Christmas

Awww... *sighs* Just when you thought everything will be alright.. Then "SNAP" all of those were gone & worst, you don't feel like it's Christmas at all... It's December 21, 4 more days to go and it's Christmas, but I don't feel like it...

First, it's not that breezy and you can't even feel the touch of cold breeze on your skin... Second, some thoughts, things are now into running inside my mind and makes me a bit uncomfortable...

Things that, I'd rather keep to myself... A lot of trials are now coming my way "again".. Not that I'm saying, I'm tired of it.. blah-blah-blah.. But, for the love of the Lord naman, Christmas na, ngayon pa ba lahat dapat magparamdam ang mga problems na yan?!?! Honestly, I feel these weird.. Why everytime na darating ang Chrsitmas tsaka naman may mga ganyang stuffs.. Parang, why every Christmas?

I guess, I deserve to be happy in some ways naman.. And for some reasons, I know I have every rights to be happy.. BUT WHY CAN'T I?

It's just that.. *sighs* There's no peace of mind for everyone out here.. Even me.. Hmmm?!? Well.. I guess, that's how it is.. Tata! Cheerio!


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