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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Maristel blogs: Good Sleep

Got a great sleep! Thanks for that.. Thanks to Reming though.. Though I haven't felt her that much like Milenyo.. I do pray too that whoever it is that I know from places that Reming has affected very much.. I do wish them and pray that at least they're all safe from harm.. To those who lost someone, am so sorry for your lost..

Well,,, got much sleep though I slept late. Still, 'am happy for I have given myself what I'm worthy of having. Had a great time though this morning. I've met new friends and that sure makes sense for me now..

I've been tackling friends for weeks now and I'm glad - I am making a few.. It's not that difficult, be friends with somebody.. Better that being alone.. It's just a wonderful feeling! Though I've been missing someone and somethin' lately at least for quite - somebody's filling all those emptiness inside me.. It's not everyday that we met new circle of friends so make the most of it..

It only strikes but once, so grab every opportunity that'll come our way.. Who knows that someone or somebody will bring out the best in us.. Ayt?

Well said there.. We can't always ask for somebody who's perfect.. Coz nobyody is.. Now even me.. Not even you.. But for some who knows how to pamper small people and knows how to bring out the best in someone, for me that's much too far than perfect..

I've been enjoying a lot of RPG's lately.. IDK!!! ;) Guess, it keeeps me going and going.. And going.. I learned to appreciate life more coz even when I met friends from other Countries at least I can say.. Being me can always make a difference and can sometimes brings smile in someone's face.. Cheering up a friend is never too difficult as long as you're saying the right words.. You may caught that someone in a good or not so good way but still you managed to cheer them up.. That's better for me.. Better and at its BEST..

Been busy with stuffs lately.. Been radical for quite some time too.. Been acting crazy for days.. But still there's life to be thankful for.. That's what matters most.. I may be in pain for the past few days, but just like the song.. There's a rainbow always after the rain.. Cuteness and sweetness for me..

As long as I have my family.. My friends.. My loved ones and GOD up there.. LIFE will always be indeed "BEAUTIFUL".. I may be in search for truths behind the lies that covers me.. I may be doing some soul searching to tell me what's best and not for me.. I may be searching for the "right" love for years.. But it'll all comes out the least I expect it.. I don't want to waste my time chasing cars.. I just want to be here, right where I am now.. STEADY (not the literal.. immobile).. But just here, hangin on and chillin' out.. That won't bite.. It won't.. If it does, I still don't care.. It'll always be a lesson for me.. I don't care much what people has to say.. Whether, I'm not getting any younger.. You're near the "finish line" - I DON'T CARE and WON'T GIVE A DAMN.. Coz if reality bites and s*cks big time, I can't bite it back just for me to be ME again..

Life's a joyride.. Life's a wheel.. Life's a rainbow.. Life's everything.. Whatever life we have - it's TOO SHORT and we must do everything.. LOVE someone.. ENJOY it.. LIVE to the fullest.. Before we ran outta time.. Life's so precious to pause and stop - let's all keep movin' on FLY AWAY.. ;) *winks*


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