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Monday, December 11, 2006

Maristel blogs: Am I?!?

Wow!!! Is this some kind of a trick? Well.. uhmmm.. *thinking* uhmmm... YES I AM INDEED!!!

For the nth time.. Yes, I'm very much In love.. *giggles* Yeah I am.. I guess, for some reason, that's why I've been a li'l crazy the past few days.. It's just funny seeing myself happy like this.. Often see myself screaming because of "kilig" and having these constant dream.. I never see this coming actually.. But who knows when it's gonna come right.. It just arrives and happens the least you expect it..

To be frank.. I've been a bit disappointed with this Chris guy.. Who during the "firsts" I thought he was this purrfect guy (of which I know nuthin like that exist anymore).. He was kindda bit harsh and I don't like it.. I just hate him for that..

Now, I've been having this couple of heartfelt and heart flattering things, stuffs and it just made me ZOOM!!! Just like that.. I do believe in magic after all.. Nuthing's impossible and I know my time's coming..

Wish me luck! I've long awaited for this moment, anyways...


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