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Monday, December 25, 2006

Gee confesses: I'm actually worrying again about the same person

Hi there BBK, first of all, I want to greet you. MERRY XMAS! 'Ope you had fun this day...

So there, the results of the sixth nomination are up...And here I go again. I'm actually worrying again about the same person... Some voted for him... I wish he'll remain here...

Anyway, I can't believe someone voted for Ate Mats... Hehe... And I can't beleive that her ballot was invalidated... hay, it seems that, there are lots of unexpected stuffs this nomination... Hehe... But one thing is expected: based on the results, a guy shall be the next evictee...

Well, end of the game is getting near... We only have 17 days left... I don't know what shall happen to my Virtual life after this... Anyway, I've gained a lot of friends through this, so, what more can I wish for?

So there, again, Merry Xmas BBK!


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