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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gee blogs: For Just a Moment....

I never thought that this day will be a very memorable one... I already knew that we'll be having an outreach program sa Bahay Kanlungan ( Home for the Aged), that's why I've set my mind not to be so maudlin... Yes, I didn't wanna be too sentimental this day, I wanted to be as hard as stone... Perhaps, it happened for I didn't acted very affected. But the fact that those special peeps touched my heart still remains...

The reason why I didn't wanted to appear too emotional is because I don't want them to feel weak. I want them to be happy, kaya kahit sobrang naiiyak na ako, I've acted like nakikinig lang ako and nakikisakay sa mga sinasabi nila... Masarap silang kausap!

We held a program for them to enjoy... May games, c/o Joy.... Stop Dance... May partners yung bawat lolas... Partner ko si Lola Vicky... Astig! Winners naman kami lahat. And then, nagkaroon ng parang showdown. Nag Otso-otso na lang kami... Haha! Nagkaroon nga pla ako ng impromptu special number na nakalimutan ko pa yung lyrics (panunumpa)... Nakakahiya! Well, naka-bawi naman ako sa, I turn to you ko... Haha

Then after that, turn naman nila to entertain us... Lola Edith Sang PANGAKO SA IYO... Marami pa eh... Someone sang Maalaala mo kaya.. Someone read a poem... Then Lolo Gerry, their songbird sang SILENT NIGHT... and marami pa... So touching!

Then, bonding sessions na... My lola is Lola Racquel, she is an Aeta... Dalaga siya... She always reminds me to study hard for my education will be one of my greatest gifts to my parents... Hayyy... she shared her personal stories... Na touch ako, that's why I gave my necklace to her... Kikay na si Lola... haha!

Another touching scene was when Joy's lola gave a celphone holder to her ( in exchange for the necklace that Joy gave to her...)...

Marami pa! sobrang naiiyak na nga ako... hayyy...

Ang sarap ng pakiramdam kapag nakapagpasaya ka ng mg tao... That was a simple program pero it means so much to them... If I can only visit them everyday... Until now, I really cant get why there are still abandoned persons like them ( although not all of them are..)... But I got the reason why some elderly peeps chose to stay in that place, like Lola Vicky, she chose to stay there rather than to go with her family sa States to serve other old peeps...

Anyway, I hope that we can be able to get back there. I wish we can still have time to visit them, before it's too late... Reality check...

So there, again, It feels great to make people happy, just for a moment...


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