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Thursday, December 21, 2006

"Feeling ko ako lang naligaw because according to them, i look thinner" -Mica

Just arrived from Binalonan, Pangasinan to visit my relatives (Tomeldan- my mom's side) before Christmas. I don't usually do this but then I just missed them

Anyway, went there with Carlo and ate Virgie. Grabe nasa van pa lang kami dami ko na nagastos dahil ang takaw ni Carlo haha Mabait naman siya during the trip maybe because nakatapat sa kanya yung aircon at may nilalaklak na coke

I am a bit surprised when i saw my cousins -they all gained weight! Feeling ko ako lang naligaw because according to them, i look thinner and they advised me to sleep early at night. "Matulog na maaga... hindi matulog ng umaga!"

As expected, masarap ang lunch namin. I really can't blame them if they can't control their diet sarap kasi nila magluto! We ate alot kaya hindi ko maalala kung ano ang mga ulam na yun

I took a short nap nung hapon because I slept at 3AM and woke up at 6AM. I asked permission if i can use the computer but sadly, there's a connection problem.. badtrip haha

We ate a lot again by dinner and my lolo erning was pleased that carlo and i went there. Carlo had fun playing with the sand at inubos ang paninda ni Tito Boy

I had a short chat with each of them: Lannelle About Gabgab and how we were years ago, Ate Eyan about the Nursing Exam and my dad, Ate Anna about relationships and family issues and more. My mom talked to each of them 1 hour kaya drained ang aking battery.

I want to share the pics right now pero hindi ko pa na-transfer. sayang.


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