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Friday, December 22, 2006

"But why is it, every happiness, may return na di maganda?" -Maristel

Life getting a bit complicated lately.. What's piercing pa eh, kung kailan magki Christmas na ngayon pa nangyayari.. As much as possible I want to let it all out.. WHY? Coz I wanna release all the things that are inside me... The stuffs that are bothering me.. It's not easy having a life, kindda mine.. It NEVER WAS and NEVER WILL..

I remember, we got a call from Las Vegas.. Nakakaasar lang lang.. Coz since Bryan (my cousin) left last July 25, it was like 3 times lang kami nakareceive ng call from him.. After that kanina na lang ulit.. Nakausap ko din mom niya, and it was a bit offending.. I know she asked for a lot of favors.. Those favors weren't easy, so to speak.. It needs a lot of money.. Coz, we have to do something for her school scholastic records, she wants me to set up a meeting with someone I knew from her University (late 70's) and dod something about it.. Di ko naman magagawa, coz a lot of money are involved, and i don't have that much money..

Nung nagkausap kami kanina, puro sila excuses bakit kanina lang sila tumawag.. Tapos, di ka pa nagsasalita, feeling nila, pineperahan mo na sila.. Parang, "HELLOWwwww?!?!?! Ok lang kayo?"

Anyways, because of that naDisappoint ako ng sobra.. Kasi, ang labo nila eh... Kapos na nga ang budget that they're sending for their 2 children who were left here.. Ganoon pa sila.. Weird!

I'll drop that case for the mean time.. 7 ang gig ko tomorrow.. Lahat ako ang nakaClose! Yeah, I'm happy about it.. But why is it, every happiness, may return na di maganda? Life's a bit unfair lang talaga.. I'll sort it out here, once I've made up my mind na.. *sighs* nakakalungkot lang talaga..


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