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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"This movie is touching, funny, and downright sexy" -Maristel

MY REVIEW: Not much of a "girl next door" type, coz Danielle was a pornstar next door but still - my favorite part in the movie was the speech given by Matthew Kidman played by Emile Hirsch about his MORAL FIBER... It may have been exploitative in manner... But still - for a hopeless romantic like me and like me who has the home-school-home type of girl, I should say that when it comes to love you still yearns for something. For hopeless romantics out there, especially those who are just on their Senior year... For their school or yearbooks "What I will remember most during my highschool" I think it really comes to life, of course excluding dating pornstars... But still, it tackles HOW WE as INDIVIDUALS SEE LOVE.

In my own opinion... There really are type of girls who are not that "good impression" type or person and always ends up hearing words against them from the parents or relatives of the guy. I may not be that type of girl, but I know how a woman feels when a guy sees them as someone they'll look upon to disregarding who and what they really are... But as an individual discovers the truth no matter how traumatic or unpleasant your past is, still... Love will come its way to the point of they'll fight for it till the end...

For those who bear a child out of wedlock, still I was impressed how Matthew and his friends Eli and Klitz conceptualized a movie or a flick about ESX EDUCATION... Philippines has always been a PRO LIFE... But as a critic, I myself do believes that for youngsters out there, it really is a learning experience and difficult to be an UNWANTED MOTHER or FATHER... And to be frank, it's good that we or the teenagers should also have a esx education to prevent unwanted pregnancies... We all know that going or having to deal with that "esx" isn't planned or scheduled like, "we'll do this tomorrow" or "we'll do that later" IT WAS NEVER LIKE THAT and NEVER WILL... We're all but humans, and it comes out naturally... And I think now's the time for the people out there to be more safe and fragile...

In relation to the movie... As I skipped... I loved how Matthew (still) gave his respect to Danielle eventhough she was a pornstar...

Even though the plot was somewhat not realistic, I think the acting was really good. The whole movie was really sweet too, typical, but sweet. This film is supposed to be a light hearted comedy, and that is what it was exactly. Elisha was perfect for her, "untouchable bad girl" role. Beyond some brilliant acting and beautiful women, this movie actually puts together a good story with some suspenseful moments. You get pretty emotionally attached to the movie as you ride the love rollercoaster of two teenagers. Its just an overall well made movie and you will love the comic relief, suspense, and resolution. Made especially for teens.

This movie is touching, funny, and downright sexy. A must see movie for teens and adults.


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