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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Sana walang mangyari sa family at relatives ko" -Mica

My Lolo talked to me last night about the recent stuff that had been bugging me in the past few weeks and finally i confided everything to him na.

I went online for a while (just to chill, yah know) and when I arrived at home, he advised me to sleep early.. went to bed at 11pm (early for me haha) and texted some of my closest friends till midnight. I slept early hehehe

I woke up at 9:30am with Carlo beside me. My little angel is so adorable. I took a shower and reviewed some of my notes in Network Technology.

Our quiz turned out ok naman though i am a bit disappointed dahil hindi ko nasagot ng tama yung advantages of Fiber Optic Cable hehehe Nagreport din kami kanina sa Current Trends about Cyber Ethics and Cyber Crime. I was happy the whole afternoon actually.

But the bad dream is still buggin me.. Sana walang mangyari sa family at relatives ko. I hope Ate Mats is right na related sa business yung meaning ng dream ko


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