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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rommel's final words

I knew it. I guess this would be my last entry in the game. Bye for PBBFG na.

I knew it because Neil and Mats never talked to me who to vote and all, maybe you assumed that I am overconfident about this but it's just this week that I felt I am safe because of my reward points.

I did not expect that the six tight alliance would be broken just by this. I know now that people has some deeper alliances with other people that I think, made them vote for me. I may not have impacted this game so much. I tried to the best of my efforts to do my job.

Why did I not vote? Simply because I knew it. Non sense din. And I don't know who to vote. Seriously. Neil is the closest guy here to me. Mica, I worked with her in two of the tasks and I have really seen her brighter side. Mats, the only one I trusted so much. Apparently, she voted for me. Next time if I am going, tell it on my face agad para ma-expect ko, but your words did it so. Walang updates sa mga evicting and saving points this week. That's why nalaman ko na din it's my time.

Gee, I knew it by your words. You told me delikado ako. And you also told me na naging overconfident ako. Pero ayus lang. Keep rocking!

Charles, I think we are not that close pero I respect you. That is why kahit na I want to vote for you in a lot of times. I voted the way the concensus of people have voted.

Pao, hayy. laglag na ang isa sa Season 2, and now, I think alam ko na ang Big 4. Sayang, we would have made it.

Kashen, well, honestly, I think you were the one who did it to BBK. The IP adress thing. But I still worked with you. I saved you a lot of times in nominations. I know you are good. I hope you do well.

My Big Four:

My 'Prediction'

Beware the third seasoner's. Minority might just strike back. Whoever wins this is super lucky!


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