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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rommel confesses: Oh my Gosh. Am I the next one evicted?

I saw BBK's post that one virtual housemate would be evicted forcibly for not doing three successive activities. Now, I lost track of this. Am I going to be evicted next?

I have a feeling it is between me and Marge. Well, now, I was trying so much to regain what I have lost in the past weeks I am not that visible.

I am trying to fill up the gaps that have been left unfilled those times before. One thing I chose to be silent because I do not want to have misunderstandings anymore with my CO VHM's. A lot of this people are complex, have different opinions, not to mention some of them are immature and very annoying to talk with. So just to prevent things from happening again, I have decided to halt my activeness or my domineering personality in the game. And that came with inactivity in some of the games and activities or tasks BBK had been doing.

However, I have participated in all of the House Councils, the Nomination, now in Activity 4 and then from this point forward, (if I'm not eliminated) on Monday. This game is on. The game needs fire. We have us to make its flames bigger. I would try m y best to do all the things needed. Minsan nga lang sobrang kailangan ng pasensya at minsan kasi demanding.

The remaining people in this Virtual House are all fair and in fairness, mababait nga katulad ng sinabi ng co-VHS ko. So there is no way now, na this game would be boring. We shall all be active and all be good. Wala nang negahan.

Those people outside the game and evicted in the game, they are just a part of the sad past, with their unaccepted defeat, bitterness and tries to bring up personal things about people. The immaturity of the people outside can hurt us but the truth can never conceal why they do it. Bitterness.

The people who do not even know you, has gotten close to you, even in this game has the wrath to tell negative things about you. Those people are so pathetic they can be called and pertain to as inhumane. I must be harsh to call these people pigs.

Well, as I said, we can do this! Whoever wins this game, surely deserves it.
She/He survived emotional dillemas, psychological effects of the game, socially outwitted people in this game but won their hearts.

The winner of All Stars will soon be named. Guys, we have 46 days in this house.
And there are 54 more! Let's spend this happily! ^_^ We are halfway through.

Rommel received 4 evicting points: 2 for visiting the game's blog and 2 for giving a direct statement to his fellow ASVHs


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