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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rommel confesses: As of now, I think I am safe

So, ayun. May evicting points na agad. Pero sure naman ako na may 5 saving points sa Pacquia so ayus lang.

This past few days, scramblings na ang nagaganap. The people needs to slow down. Weigh who they trust in this game. Its getting strategical na din. We can not deny the fact that we are all friends here na. So, its time to notch up higher. People are now stepping up telling each other that the game is on.

I do think this game has change from its very simple phase, where we just have to boot people we don't trust so much and boot inactive people, to somewhat more complicated. Something that can break the trust of other housemates. Somehow, I know I do have a lot of lapses in this game. As of now, I think I am safe. Though anything can happen, I must set my mind that I'll be safe. I think I just have to trust the right people, do the right thing and set friendship aside from the game.

The friendship will never be lost. The game is now raising to its boiling point. I am sure that all of the housemates right now wants to stay for until next two evictions. But who would know who's going, it's up for me if I make the right choice. Whoever wins this game is so lucky! ^_^


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