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Monday, November 06, 2006

Rommel blogs: Digital fortress-inspired

Here I go again. Depressed and happy at the same time. I was learning now, I had to move on. It's the time to give myself one more chance. I really don't know why I am so so craving for her love though I must admit it, I still love her, maybe I just got tired of waiting for someone who won't be mine. I lose all the ounces of hope I have had, ring-a-bell, it's time to give it all up.

As of now, I have crushes on these two girls in Kalai. And they do not even know. ANG MANHID! Kuntodo paramadam na nga ang lolo ninyo. hahaha.. Well, I don't know but they are just very sensible persons to talk to.

The First Girl I would call Nutty What can I say? She's really close to me. And I really don't know how to approach this admiration for her that I am feeling. Ayoko na ulit magkailangan and this would have tremendous impact on our "close" relationship, and that's what I don't want to ruin.

Although she texts me a lot, it's all about the guys she'd want to be with. And I can't help but feel jealous at times, and laugh at times that she's telling me na iba ang gusto nila. Now, does that make me look like what? Ass. This girl trusts me a lot and I can not afford to lose her. What shall I do?

The Second Girl I would call Skinny. This girl, I started texting her last summer and I am really happy when she replies, when we are talking and other else. I don't feel so much affection for her but, I know I admire her. Mataray kasi siya and that's what I like in her. Hehe. She trusts me a lot too, so I can't ruin it if I tell her I like her. She might tell me I took advantage, or maybe, she'll tell me, the wrath for me to like her.

Now what, I seriously need to take a break from all this romance things. It doesn't work for me. Maybe now, it won't. I am so scared it won't for forever. I don't have the looks you know, I don't have the image, the attitude. I must say I have to change a lot before I meet this "TRUE LOVE". I guess, I'll just go in UP Diliman, busy in studies, and go to Gapo, get myself worked up with my Pamangkin, Lebron, my first nephew...

To her, I must say I give in. But I'm not giving up. We don't know what'll happen till we try...


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