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Friday, November 10, 2006

"Really don't have a clue... I was like, "What have I done?" " -Maristel

A lot has been askin' me...
Well, to let you all know... My head spins, till now... Felt like I was through and through *lolz*
As if I know how that feels!?! Who cares by the way? *lolz*
Well... Really don't have a single idea what I wrote here last night...
Really don't have a clue... I was like, "What have I done?"
If there's a thought that first popped in my head, that was it!
I was like won'drin', was I able to update my threads here... If not, I should have done it earlier... If so, what did I put? *lolz*

with Balot, Harhar, Doinx, Mark(feeling cia may bday), Karen, Me & mah brother who was all RED!!!

Oh well, for woman who was left standing during the shots, guess I just gave myself a dose of my own medicine... I've been thinking a lot of things lately... Confusion, emptiness, love... And so - I decided to jam with the guys and 2 lads, just for a heck of a night...

Just so happen that November 8 was my sister-in-law's birthday... They prepared Nilagang Kenchi & Bulalo... And Crispy Pata... My other sister-in-law, have Pizza Hut & Goldilocks delivered some foods too... Pizzas, Sago't Gulaman, Puto, Cake and a lot more... Well it's not my BURPDAY and I don't have a single right to contain all those... And even if I want to, my stomach and my whole system just don't want to... Naxx! Diet na ba itetch?!?!

here with Doinx, Mark, Karen, Me and RJ... Sayang! Si Bane ang nagkuha ng pic... Anyways, next time...

HOW I WISH, it is... Oh well...

Didn't get much sleep... Went home from my Mom's place around 4am... We consumed a bottle of Antonov Vodka. 2 Gran Matador (which was so... YUCKKKK!) I pretty much prefer Genroso... A few bottles of San Mig Light, and a few shots of Baileys... *hik*

Well, up to know I still have this HANGOVER... HEADSPINNING and real HEADACHE for me the whole day... I don't want to have coffee... I'd rather keep myself asleep but the phone won't stop ringing...

Got a call and made a few quotations:
Rommel Baligod from Asia Pacific Medical
Direk Bobbit Patag and Mr. Nhor Envangelista of Solar Publications for an event at Market! Market! on November 15
Ma'am Prossy, followed up their status from SDV Maritime
Charmagne Cruz and Sam Huang from Ateneo De Manila University for their Sportsfest
Mr. Jake Navea for an event at Cuneta Astrodome on December 08

Well, and a lot, lot more...

Right now, I'm making a Classified Packages & Optional Rentals Quotation... I'm also burning NEW R&B, Club and House CDs... Pati na nga JOLOGS, I'm compiling na din... Every December, kahit yan pa pinaka-sosyal na company, for sure, may magrerequest ng Boom Tarat Tarat...

Oh and btw... Got the chance to have this not too brief chat with Bee... Well, still he's a bit disappointed on how things are going between us... And either way... He said sorry, I DID NOT... He doesn't want hearing SORRY from me... I just don't know why... Oh well, who cares?!? Waaah!!! Like from my previous blog... Sometimes, it sure does feels great being IGNORED... I've been and always will be by someone who am gonna meet, (that I dunno when it'll happen over again) but - straight fro the horse's mouth, I'd RATHER BE IGNORED AND HATED FOR WHAT I REALLY AM than BE LOVED OF WHO I'M NOT...

CURRENT MUSIC: Sexy Back (MickBoogie Remix)
CURRENT MOOD: Head spin!


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