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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mica confesses: Para kayong YM na naka-invisible mode tapos biglang magbubuzz to cast your votes

Kanina nagtype na ako ng confession ko tapos biglang na DC!! grrr..

Nwei, the 3rd nomination results are out (not completely lol) and honestly, I feel bad na my vote was not counted. Nagka-evicting point pa! No one to blame but myself

I don't feel bad na BBK decided to post my name and my reasons why I chose to vote for Charles and Marge. I hope this will serve as a wake-up call to the two especially the latter. You almost got evicted nung 2nd Nomination kung wala lang nagsave sayo at kung nakapag-blog lang si Trish at least twice a week. Ngayon naman majority opted to save you. I hope naman you won't waste their efforts in saving you. You have to prove na you're worth it to stay in this game.

I actually have a feeling that Kenneth is one of the two evictees. I can't blame the people for voting him off because obviously, hindi siya active ngayon. Kasalanan niya yun. He should have posted kahit once a week lang sa whereabouts you during his stay here in the Philippines. I know he has reasons - everybody does. I hope this won't affect our friendship dahil sa totoo lang, miss na miss na kita.. sobra!

About the hyperactivity thang, If ever na-outshine man yung iba dahil we keep posting blogs and stuff, well its not our fault I think. If you someone committed himself/herself in a game, may mga responsibilities kang kailangan harapin. We are all busy with our personal chuvenels, pero player kayo dito. Ano ba naman yung magpost ka kahit a single confession man lang para ma-feel ang pressence mo sa virtual house? I do appreciate NeilG and Kashen's postings kasi kahit sabihin mo na "semi-active" (madalang makipagharutan sa threads at confe), at least they make it a point to share their sentiments and whatevers sa game.

Meron na akong 2 naiisip na taong matatanggal. I know na close friends ko sila pero you can't blame the rest for voting you out. Sorry for saying this.

Another thing na kinalulungkot ko is yung iba nagpaparamdam lang kapag eviction na. Para kayong YM na naka-invisible mode tapos biglang magbubuzz to cast your votes. Wag naman ganun. It's not yet late people. We have to move!


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