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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mica confesses: I was not expecting they’d vote for Trish since she’s more active compared to the other housemates

I think everyone knows that Trish is one of my closest pals here in the game. Now she’s out.

Evicted (running out of words to say haha)

I’m trying my best not to be emotional as possible but I can’t help it.

Trish and I first met back in PBBFG Season 1 where I replaced Esti. I am aware of the fact that she finds me “too kikay” and “too young” pero we hit it off when we had our Halloween EB (Ang daming cute guys!). We both love music, partying and boys. In short, nag-click kami!

I am aware that the original PBBFG1 housemates are planning to vote me and Ken out of the game but I am deeply touch when she chose to save me.

We constantly text each other especially when it comes to girl stuff and boy hunting * wink * I actually have a crush in one of her kabarkada J

When the ASPBBFG came, she asked me to register and luckily, we got in together with NeilG, Jomar and Ken. I had fun back in Season 1 and I was hoping to have more fun in the All-stars since some of them are friendly and one of them is one of the coolest Starstruck Lover I know (kilala mo na siguro sino ka hehe ).

I do admit that I felt bad during the first nomination. I was not expecting they’d vote for Trish since she’s more active compared to the other housemates.

I can’t blame her for reacting that way. I think almost all of the housemates reacted with her post. Some called her names told a lot of negative stuff and all. The hurting went on and on every time I login the board at may sagutan na naman. She wanted to quit but I asked her not to do so. She deserves to stay in this house since she actively participated in the group activities, updated her blog and confessions and all. I was happy when she showed interest in helping me canvass for the T-shirt printing and even suggested for a Grand EB (which unfortunately, didn’t took place). She’s also worried since one of our closest pals in season 1 never replied to her calls and messages after the incident.

Nagkalamat na.

I know everyone wants to fix things up and I thought so. Again, I was not expecting Trish to be out for the same reasons. She told me na I can carry on with the game. I told her I saved her and I know some of her friends in this game did. Unfortunately again, she’s out.

A part of me is disappointed with the results. I just hope na wala nang magpopost ng negative reactions about her eviction. Na-evict na yung tao. Pakonswelo na lang sana yung wag niyo na siyang barahin or wag na kayong magsabi ng harsh words. Masakit eh. Ako nasasaktan for her alam ko na pati si Neil G , whom she considers as one of her best pals here in the game – and lover? Haha and also Ken na little brother niya.

On the lighter side, I’m also happy that she’s out. I heard that she’s dating someone right now. I know this game has caused you a lot of pain. At least alam mo na you’ve done your part as a housemate. Maybe it’s time to devote your time with HIM J May little brother ba siya? Pa-date din weeee J

Maybe this eviction means that I should also bond with the other housemates. I rarely catch them online since hapon ako nag-oonline. Maybe it’s time to start a new chapter sa ASPBBFG.

I know you’re always there for us. I wish you all the best!


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