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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mica blogs: Pyro Meets Batista

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Whatcha gonna do if you are stuck at home in a Saturday afternoon with your brother?


I got the chance to watch Wish Ko Lang last Saturday that featured two Batista Fanatics: A 60+-year-old Barber and a 3-year-old Cancer patient named Pyro.

I first had a glimpse of Pyro at Benj’s Blog. Clicked the link and I saw this cute little kid. He looked like an angel facing a lot of challenges despite his tender age.

I browsed through the blog site made by his Ninong and found out that he had undergone a series of chemotheraphy and .

How can a little kid get through this pain?

I was excited when I saw the TVC of the show with Pyro in it. I was curious how he acts in real-life.

Sino ang favorite wrestler mo?

Sino mas gwapo si Lolo o si Batista?

How adorable J

I later found out how he is being loved by his parents and everyone around him. When he’s in the mood, he plays around with his kiddie playmates.

The little angel was resting after another theraphy when Lolo Barbero (forgot his name- sorry!) came and gave him a brown Batista short. Maybe he’s glad that he received a gift with his favorite wrestler’s face in it, but obviously, he’s feeling weak.

When he finally had the chance to see Batista in person (and carry him!-wow!), I think he’s happy but a bit star strucked and tired. I took this screenshot from my cellular phone J

I hope he’ll recover from this sickness soon. This made me realize how lucky I am to be born with a healthy body and mind.

Keep inspiring lives Pyro. Mabuhay ka!


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