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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mica blogs: O Kay Sarap ng mga nakaw na sandali
music: Can't let you go -Cueshe

Fooled around with my GJPIX awhile ago and checked the random pictures at the bottom of the page. Then i thought of putting some random pictures in my blog every week. This is my first attempt!

( Mga nakaw na sandali )

1. Taken last sem during our Computer Graphics class. I'm with Jaypee Tanguilig here and lola Lecel took this pic :)
2. Taken last April 2005 in a dressing room haha :) Still have my upper braces on.
3. Taken last October 2005 at the Rooftop of Platinum 1000
4. Taken last August after the LTPS :) I'm with Arvin and Smith.. We're bringing sexy back! :P
5. Taken last September 2005 in a night-out with my co-encoders. One of the happy moments :)


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