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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mica blogs: Lolo's Advice Part 1

I had a lot of disappointments yesterday. The dream, The Misunderstanding, The Toxic Schedule, The Statistics Quiz, The Report, The Game and more.

I was eating dinner with my Grandfather when he finally asked me:

"Iha, may problema ka ba?"

I bursted out and cried like a baby.

I told him the things that had been bugging me lately.

I just realized that I am rushing things too much. I want to graduate ASAP. The reason? Alam ko gasgas na pero I want to help my family especially my brother. I want to put him in a good school and provide him everything he needs. I want to give my mom a good life.. yun bang magbuhay Donya na lang siya. She had gone through a lot of hardships since I was born. She's a workaholic. I want to give my Grandpa and Grandma a good car or even a simple tour. I want to be a career-woman kahit na fresh graduate lang ako. I have a lot of goals and the first step in achieving these dreams is to graduate.

I am actually thinking where will I end up - System Analyst? web Designer? Graphic Artist? Programmer Encoder (ayoko! grad na ako dyan!)

"Bata ka pa lang sobrang stressed ka na sa kakaisip lang niyan. Take a Break"


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