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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Maristel confesses: WHAT'S DONE, IS DONE

Ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng time and nakasingit sa pinsan ko kasi.

Sobrang nalulungkot lang po ako on how things happened the other day here, inside the Virtual House... Parang ang hirap na po kasi i-Weigh things up and the situations din...

Nalulungkot ako HAVING TO LOST ONE OF THE VIRTUAL HOUSEMATE NA TALAGANG "first glance" ko pa lang, MAGAAN NA ANG LOOB KO... I guess, you all know who I'm talkin' about here... Sobrang nalulungkot ako for KENNETH... I know, "IMMUNITY" is non-transferrable... But, how I wish I should have given him that para lang wag siya mawala sa game... Kenneth was such a loving guy here... He may have lost the circulations, the whattabouts and whereabouts of this game, but given the chance, I WOULD LOVE TO GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE to play again... But, WHAT'S DONE, IS DONE... Sadly, everything happened so fast... Basta, I'm happr for myself coz I've MET and KNOWN such A COOL, CUTE and SWEET GUY in him... I'll surely miss Kenneth...

With regards to the NEW ACTIVITY... The Betting Game... Well, MORALES was the first name that popped in my mind so I decided to just type his last name sa activity thread... I guess, FIRST INSTINCT na lang ang naging basis ko for that game... I should have chosen the Philippines' pride, but... IT'S DONE!

In addition with the new activity... Individual "Deal or No Deal"... Wala lang, kindda excited ako in a way and jittery all at one point!

I just wish, all those INACTIVES the past few weeks who were left here, magParticipate na... BBK's right! Kung gusto natin ibalik ang dating sigla ng Virtual House, walang ibang gagawa nun, kundi tayong mga Virtual Housemates. All-Star 'to... And from my own perspective, lahat ng Virtual Housemate na nandito sa loob, alam ko we're all ONE of THE BEST... And WE ALL HAVE TO SHOW OUR GREAT here... In some way and what way we can OFFER just to make this VIRTUAL HOUSE lively as can be...


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