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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Maristel confesses: I SUPER HATE DRAMAS!

This is such a HARD DAY for me...

I've casted my +2 EP to a fellow ASVH thinking and pressuming that, that person won't be evicted. Never thought, though I am fully aware that two (2) ASVHs are soon leaving the Virtual House. I know, whoever it is na binigyan ko ng +2 won't be next evictee... Yun ang alam ko... Yun ang naramdaman ko... It's just that, di ko alam na ganun ang magiging outcome. Nakakalungkot lang talaga.

Yeah, I DO ADMIT - I NEVER REALLY LIKE THE IDEA OF HAVING 2 EVICTEES in a ROW... Maybe I shouldn't have voted na lang... But, still NEVER IN MY MIND HAVE I THOUGHT OF NOT PARTICIPATING... Kindda IRRATIONAL if I won't. I'm not that NARROW-MINDED naman not to do as such. It's just that HONESTLY SPEAKING, as an Administrator of the game, I know what BBK feels with only a few ASVHs participating from his activity... But on the other hand, I also think that we all must be CONSIDERATE ENOUGH in all aspects here.

If there were any ASVHs ang pasulpot-sulpot lang since DAY 01, well I guess, they deserve a penalty point (WELL SAID there). But what I'm trying to convey here.., is the performance of those "ACTIVE ASVHs" since Day 01 and recently lost track. Yun lang. I myself have committed and made some "wrongs" here... I AM NOT PERFECT... But I just want to be heard. I just don't want to throw things and stuffs like that so easily... As mush as possible, I AM MUCH WILLING TO DO A SACRIFICE or a GOOD DEED just to be heard here. If I fail, AT LEAST I TRIED and DID MY BEST...

To my fellow ASVHs, whatever this thing will cause me... I'm sorry... Just want you all to know HOW MUCH I VALUE our FRIENDSHIP and the DAY we all BECAME FRIENDS... (ALL of YOU)

I SUPER HATE DRAMAS! Di ako matampuhin, if you see me that way, I can't BLAME you... PMS lang siguro... Tripper lang ako... I just want to spice things up. If you can't dig it, not my problem anymore... BASTA, I WANT THINGS STRAIGHT and LET's all BE RATIONAL human beings here.


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