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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Maristel confesses: I know that, this is kindda difficult

WOW! New Activity for the GROUP BATTLE!!!

It was like "RING-A-BELL!"

We were just talking about it the other night, while at Conference with BBK, Gee and a co-VH, only he's from Season 3...

I guess, After the Grafitti Wall which I found a bit unpredictable, I think this will be the one of the MOST CHALLENGING ACTIVITY there'll be here inside the VIRTUAL HOUSE!

I was like, "HUH!?! " Just can't believe what I read here! ASVHs LOOK-A-LIKE... Though for me there are some VHs here, who I know who and which they resemble with - the things is what about the others... This much a bit MIND TWISTING - MIND BOGGLING Activity...

I just hope, that whatever it is and whoever it is - hope, everybody's OPEN for stuffs like this, coz this is just an activity...

I have a lot of people in mind right now... I know that, this is kindda difficult... But, still I pray that I'll pass the links right on time... Coz, for some... Honestly... I really don't have something or anyone in mind... *scoffs*
Oh, yeah... By the way... Just cool though about everything that's happening inside the house...

We have lost another fellow virtual housemate - but I have this idea in mind... Hope that everyone, will find it interesting... Trish was evicted yesterday and hope that we all come up with a nice souvenir for her. We haven't done stuffs like this before... Whether a collage, or picture message, where we'll really have our final words for her... At least something like E-Souvenir... E-Card... but still, it'll be posted here at our boards...

Anyways... I have nothin' more to say! Such a great idea BBK!

I'm now beginning to be excited here and really can't get my arse from my chair!
To everyone! GOODLUCK!

Till next... Au revoir!


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