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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Maristel blogs: Sure does feels great when you're ignored...

*LOLZ* ... Is this true? Well, hell yeah! :) It sure feele great being "IGNORED" - just to be honest here... At first, I was badly and terribly missing this person... I don't know how far my thoughts were physically out-shaped me... For weeks, 'been acting like crazy... For weeks, I've been gloomy... But just when time continues to move, days turning to nights, nights into sunshine - FINALLY!!!

Finally, I've realized that being ignored doesn't mean, you have to lock yourself inside a thought that, only that person holds the key to your reality. Such an ARSE! Such a stupid point of view for some. But, BEING IGNORED means ONE THING... " 'won't give a f'cking sh"t! If that's what you think... Then go ahead man! You may mean the world to me, but I can always move forward and totally freeze you wherever you are... I can always MOVE ON... and GO ON..."

Life's a wheel, and 'am just wasting my precious time with as arse like you... I'm just wondrin' "what the heck?!"

Sorry, but really have to say this... KEEP UP, alright... REALITY sucks big time, but know what? "YOU CAN'T BITE IT BACK..." Goodluck...

'am cool. :) And please, when you see me... Please, don't even say "i miss you" such a pretty lie... Bubble words... That's just so pathetic... Your beautiful and sooo mushy-sweet words are nuthin... They're all a lie... Well then, lie with them... :) Cuteness!

Don't worry, i don't hate you... 'am not a hater here... I'M JUST BEIN' REAL... and yeah "alex chris" ayt? Stay safe... You're back to reality no more stuffs like "head in the clouds"... *LMAO* So obnoxious of you... Ta-Ta!


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