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Friday, November 10, 2006

Maristel blogs: I hate you... Is it possible to to love me?

Duh! What's the matter with that one... "I hate you... Is it possible for you to love me..."

OMG! I don't know - but I'm kindda confused with that phrase... Was it because I was too drunk the other night and until now I have this head spin? *grins*

"I hate you..." Alright... Someone, somebody hates someone or somebody... And "Is it possible for a person to love him or her"

ALRIGHTY! Got it! Oh well, nothing's impossible, we all know that... Everybody's given a chance to feel and share emotions... I for one... Okay? I've hated someone so much before - but it doesn't matter... *lolz* My! What's wrong with me?

For me... We all have certain reasons why we hate a person... A person we might have loved before or a friend who may have done wrong... Well, it's all but a part and track that we walked and soon will walk on... We all don't know coz, who knows? The person that we hated most, might be this "SOMEONE"?

Tryin' to be mushy, here... Sorry, bear with me... Guess this is how you'll act and become if you mix brandy and vodka... *giggles*

I can't give such a lovely thought here... Hating someone doesn't necessarily mean that anger will be overflowing forever... It's a much different way... There's this "the more you hate, the more you love" Coz, in times like now, some people find it more easy to become so obnoxious and do mean stuffs to other but the truth is, you just want to get the attention of that person... Sometimes, may be irritating and you might want to curse that someone, still, if that person, don't tease you anymore, you'll suddenly miss that feeling...

Kindda weird... But, I'd rather take the risk of being hated for some reasons and finally or in the end that person will realize something... Guess my worth... My importance... Coz, loving a person is not just something that you'll walk on... It's something that we all develop and soon long... Just my own perception...

Anyways, I think it's better if I'll just change the title of this entry.... Perception of the WASTED ONE... *lolx*

Bahala na nga! I have to sleep na! :) Kaka! Belated Happy Birthday! :) Ayaw ko na uminom and magpakalasing, promise! :) *lolz*


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