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Monday, November 06, 2006

Maristel blogs: Droppin by

Well, am just pissed off in here!!! I was like going to click publish and "tada!" all's gone! Everythings lost... Phbbt!!!

Let's just say, I'm just droppin' by to say how glad I was for things are coming my way na! Had this great and tawdry convo with a common friend and damn! That's it! Re-connect! =) Plus the fact that, everything's well now... What more could I ask...
Guess, drop the love for the mean time, right! It's all but an arse right now! December na and PEAK SEASON... So - to sum it up, BUSINESS MONTH and more earnings to come! *lolz*

Got a message from my dad! 't was like, "musta na ang pinakamamahal kong anak?" Argh! What the?!?! 'that him?!?! I must say, I was shocked! My dad! A dramatic? Well, I presume he is... Plus he's plugging this movie he was watching earlier sa HBO... *lolx* Funny lang... Even told him that I asked my brother a favor to drive for me and bring my Dad's car... *lolz* I thought he'll be mad hearing it from me, after... *lolz* Well, sabi nga ng kapatid ko, ako lang naman daw and sa kin lang di nagagalit ang dad ko... That's a lie! Ako na nga lagi niyang napupuna! *LMAO* So, kumbaga sa Boxing, llamado! Harhar!

Anyways, just wish me luck, a'ryt? I'll be having this Occular and Meeting with my clients which will be holding this huge event at Cuneta Astrodome this December... *crossing my fingers* To all those peeps, I owe... Wala lang... Hope to see you all soon! *lolz*


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